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In the last two years, TV stations like RTL, Super RTL or RTL II produced TV shows like "Teenager außer Kontrolle", "Die Supernanny" or "Die Supermamas". The seminar should deal with the anglophone models of these TV shows and analyse their cultural concepts.

  • What pedagogical ideas do they advertise?
  • Which methods are used; how is theory (trans-)formed into practice? (stone circles (Teenager außer Kontrolle), time schedules for the parents what to do at which time (Die Supernanny) etc.)
  • Comparison between "Boot Camps" (military) and "Brat Camps" (as in Teenager außer Kontrolle)
  • Analysis of single episodes
  • How is the show presented to the audience (in front of the TV set); its concepts, the content and its participants (the youth, the children, the parents)?
  • Production and shooting of the TV shows or "to look behind the scenes" (e.g. application procedure, financial aspects etc.)

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