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In fact I have only one question: How can I answer 5 questions properly on only 3 pages (especially with that given style sheet)? Would be very much kind if someone can explain that to me...and the lines are incorrect.when we set the starting line with 123 then I count 166 or am I wrong? (as it is important for giving the sections) Cheerz!

--User:Jessika Thiele 22:28, 22 May 2008 (CEST)

1. I think using our textbook for the line-references would be the best solution. 2. I agree that question 5 looks rather extensive compared to the other tasks, but since every question offers the chance to earn the same number of points, I don't think that the teachers expect a very long, detailed answer here. --Alena Ruether 17:47, 23 May 2008 (CEST)

Da hast Du Recht! Die Aufgaben sind viel zu umfangreich und wenn man etwas rausließe, würde sich dies mit Sicherheit negativ auf die Note auswirken, da es dann nicht detailliert genug wäre. Darüber hinaus bin ich auch der Ansicht, dass das in den Aufgaben geforderte nicht ausreichend im Seminar besprochen wurde. Ich fühle mich mit der Aufgabenstellung doch sehr allein gelassen!

I now started task 3...characterization.Am a little deep into Agrippa's me it seems kinda mixture between a dialogue (in first lines) and then it has more traits of a on that sheet with the nice headline Analysing Dramatic Communication there is only choice between dialogue and soliloquy.quite confusing. So am I wrong and it is mainly a soliloquy? and whyyyyyy? As I thought a soliloquy is some kind of monolgue without anyone watching. Cheerz! --User:Jessika Thiele 18:02, 23 May 2008 (CEST)

EXcerpt questions

I do have the same problems! And last time (first assignment)it really helped to have a look into the assignments from last semester! But I don't know how to get there! So could anybody put the link in here? That would be very kind! I hope that will help! Good luck to all the other --Lena Stüttelberg 18:41, 23 May 2008 (CEST)

Goto "Main Page" (left side), click "materials" (right side), then "Category: Tests", then "Assignment". But that won't help you since there ain't no example of any 2nd assignments. Or is it that I just can't see it, find it, or is the whole path I just described wrong? I need some help too...
Just viewed the next problem: the passage thats being typed into the assignments "article" (btw: she 's called CLEOPATRA!;-) ) includes Lepidus' "Happily amen!", but Lepidus would be the FOURTH character. In 3. CAHARCTERISATION there are just THREE characters to characterise. CONFUSING ALL THIS! I hope that this is to be disregarded cause Lepidus just goes on my nerves (only concerning this assignment, this is!).

I have the same problem! which three characters??? Anthony, Caesar, Agrippa, and Lepidus are FOUR characters…… and Octavia could be another….. !!!??????

At frist...the three main characters are obviously Antony,Caesar and Agrippa...Lepidus is just a minor role and his Happily,Amen! is there cause it actually completes the dialogue (seals the decision of the marriage, as you wanna hear my opinion) and...the thing with Octavia...Octavia is not speaking in there...she is just in a different way of writing cause it is a person and all persons are written that way (look into your own main text and then you will see!)Cheerz! --Jessika Thiele 21:45, 24 May 2008 (CEST)

Next problem (beloved Task 3 again): To what extend are we supposed to "anayse the effect"?!? I surely could write ten or more pages... Time is running!
I kind of like the plan that we don’t have to write ten pages. My solution for keeping it short is to just grab out a few passages which I analyse and then give a short statement with the quotation to underline it.
It helped me a lot to read the solutions of the assignments of 2007. Just search with the search function “assignment solution” and you will get there.

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