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Create Excerpts

...when reading primary or secondary literature. Take a look at our handout on the efficient reading and excerpting of books.

Get informed

Wikipedia (and other dictionaries)

  • Use the English and German Wikipedia pages at and to get a first orientation.
  • Quote Wikipedia (as any other dictionary) only if you want to discuss and analyse "received" or "public" notions as presented by Wikipedia.
  • Take a tour through our Links page for more information on web ressources.


  • Use the MLA to create a bibliography of secondary sources.
  • Quote scholars with the intention to discuss and to evaluate their views.

Oldenburg University Library

Fernleihe (Inter-Library Loan)

  • If a book or journal you are interested in is not available in the university library, you may use the "Fernleihe". If you should need a document very quickly, use the "Subito" service. The friendly people at the library information desk can tell you about both options.

Writing a paper, MA-thesis etc.

Visit Literary Studies:Writing academic texts for a number of general considerations.

Style Sheet

See our style sheet with detailed information on the design of your written work. It includes information on formatting (useful for those who have to read and correct your work) and proper quoting of resources you used.