2007-08 BM1: Session 4

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Argument 3: Literature has become the object of pluralistic national debates since the 1750s

  • The creation of what is now literature in the different languages is basically a 19th century development, it began in Germany in the 1750s and it reached the Anglo-Saxon world only in the middle of the 19th century.
  • Literature - as a field of the nation's poetical and fictional works - invited
  • an appraisal of the nation's art and character - to be developed out of the appreciation of poetry
  • interpretations of hidden meanings and cultural significance - to be developed out of the theological interpretation of biblical texts
  • a critical scholarly debate of the progress and use of new literary works - to be developed out of the preceding critical evaluation of scientific publications as works of literature
  • a division between works which deserve to be discussed as high literature and a broad market of low materials anyone with an understanding of true literary merits will openly detest.
  • The nations supported and adopted the debate of literature in attempts to generate fields of a basically national and secular text based education.
  • The public embraced the new literatures as fields of extremely pluralistic and open debates.