2009-10 AM Fictions of India - Expert Group on History

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Expert Group on History


cf. page 46: Indian Mutiny 1857-8 Indians first war of independence Result: housecleaning of the Indian administration, the direct rule

cf. page 108: The Big War 1878-1880 Second Afghan war The first of three Interventions of the British Empire in Afghanistan to save their supremacy and stop the Russian expansion = Great Game

The Great Game was an expression for the battle between Great Britain and Russia for the dominance over Central Asia during 1813 - 1947. It came into mainstream consciousness becasue of the novel.


Events in (Indian) history with connection to the plot:

Adaam Aziz returns to Kashmir (5) Ghandi returns to India in 1915 Aadam examines his future wife through a perforated sheet (26) WWI Sees her face when she has a headache (28) End of WWII