2009-10 AM Fictions of India - Expert Group on Plot Structures

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Expert Group on Plot Structures

Is the quest of the Red Bull the trigger for his other quests?

The quest of the Red Bull can be seen as a trigger for his further quests. If the Red Bull was Kim’s only quest the book would have had only five chapters. At the end of chapter five he finds the Red Bull and follows the Great Game. Also he joined the lama on his Spiritual Journey maybe for his own proposes but this is not explicitly said.

What is his main goal? Does he follow the spiritual journey just to disguise himself for the Great Game?

It is difficult to say what his “main goal” actually is because everyone can read the story in a different way. Important here is how someone would interpret the importance of the Spiritual Journey or Kim’s participation in the Great Game. It is not obvious what seems to be more important for him(self).