2009-10 AM Fictions of India - Expert Group on Protagonists/Characters

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Expert Group on Protagonists/Characters

What is his main goal? Does he follow the spiritual journey just to disguise himself for the Great Game?

It is difficult to say what his “main goal” actually is because everyone can read the story in a different way. Important here is how someone would interpret the importance of the Spiritual Journey or Kim’s participation in the Great Game. It is not obvious what seems to be more important for him(self).

Group: Similarities and Contrasts in Kim and Untouchable


- is not in a caste and therefore behaves freely

- is a part of colonialism as he is a native born English and takes part in the Great Game.

- got his power through birth (being English and therefore being independent of the caste system)

- uses his talents for his own purpose

- is open-minded towards: Mohammedans, Hindus, Buddhists


- is trying to life like a British

- his whole life is influenced by colonialism as he admires the British and their lifestyle and tries to imitate them

- is predominantly powerful in his job which nevertheless does not influence other parts of his life

- works for the sake of his family

- is open-minded towards: Mohammedans, Hindus, Christians


- are Kim and Bakha passive or active acting towards the national change?

- is their way of acting determined by the caste system?

- how does Kim feel about christianity? → no clear hints in the book