2009-10 BM3 Introduction to English Linguistics Part I

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Information and News

  • Please register for the BM3 on Stud.IP by registering for Prof. Hamann's Vorlesung in order to be able to access all relevant news and information. Do not register for one of the Übungen.
  • The course starts with 2 lectures in A14 HS1 (Tue Oct 20th and 27th / 18-20).
  • The first Übung will be held on Nov 3rd(see also the Ablaufplan in Stud.IP). You will be notified by Oct 29th which group you belong to.
  • If you want to prepare for the course, you can start reading Fromkin, Rodman, and Hyams (2003): "An introduction to language" or the lecture material below.
  • Please do also read the Modulbeschreibung

Here you can download the lecture material:

The Definition of "To Discuss":

  • 1. Write a coherent paragraph.
  • 2. Write full sentences (no arrows, no abbreviations, no drawings instead of words – if you use a diagram, it needs comments in words).
  • 3. Give definitions for the phenomena you are discussing.
  • 4. Show how the data illustrate these definitions (or give examples to illustrate them)
  • 5. Mention other aspects of the phenomenon that are perhaps not in the data you are given (give examples).