2024 AM Australian Expedition Narratives

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  • Modul: ang614 (Genres: Cultural, Historical and Theoretical Perspectives); ang622 ('Akzentsetzung'); pb113, pb114, pb331, pb332
  • Lecturer: Anna Auguscik
  • Course: 3.02.140
  • Time and Venue: Thursday 14:00-16:00, A04 5-516
  • Course Description:

Please, buy and read the following novels:

  • White, Patrick. Voss. London: Vintage, [1957] 1994. (ISBN-13: 978-0099324713)
  • Grenville, Kate. The Lieutenant. Edinburgh: Canongate, [2008] 2022. (ISBN-13: 978-178689602)

In addition, we will analyse and discuss the following film:

  • Etched in Bone (2018, dir. Martin Thomas and Béatrice Bijon)

PLEASE NOTE: Use the time until the beginning of term to immerse yourself in the reading of these primary sources. All of the above can be obtained at our local book shop, Bültmann & Gerriets. Additional materials for preparation, as well as the detailed syllabus, will be made available here and/or on Stud.IP.

Introduction and Outline: 4 April

  • Looking ahead: Introduction to topic, primary sources, syllabus, examination (three steps: input presentation, RPOplus and research paper)

Reading Week: 11 April

(read: The Lieutenant)

Textual Analysis: Film - 18 April

  • Primary Source: Etched in Bone
  • Context: Thomas, "What is an Expedition" (2015)
  • Further Reading: Thomas and Harris, "Anthropology and the Expeditionary Imaginary" (2018)

Textual Analysis: Film - 25 April

  • Primary Source: Etched in Bone
  • Context: van Toorn, "Indigenous Texts and Narratives" (2000)

Textual Analysis: The Lieutenant - 2 May

  • Close reading and discussion
  • Context: Bird, "New Narrations: Contemporary Fiction" (2000)

Reading Week: 9 May

(read: Voss)

Textual Anlaysis: Voss - 16 May

  • Close reading and discussion
  • Context: Goldsworthy, "Fiction from 1900 to 1970" (2000)

Presentations and Discussion: 23 May

  • Reading and discussion: tba
  • historical fiction

Presentations and Discussion: 30 May

  • Reading and discussion: tba
  • scientist characters

Presentations and Discussion: 6 June

  • Reading and discussion: tba
  • expeditionary practice and narrative

Drafting Week: 13 June

(write up a first draft of the RPO)

Presentations and Discussion: 19 June

  • Reading and discussion: tba

Presentations and Discussion: 26 June

  • Reading and discussion: tba
  • evaluation
  [Hand in your RPOs until 27 June 2024]

Concluding Session: 3 July

  • Looking back
  • discussion of research papers
  [Hand in research papers until 15 September 2024]


Primary Reading

  • see above

Secondary Reading and Contexts