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*[[User:Anna Auguscik|Anna Auguscik]]
*[[User:Anna Auguscik|Anna Auguscik]]
'''Admins who will help you in case of technical problems'''
*[[User:Matthias Büttner|Matthias Büttner]]
*[[User:Verena Engelhardt|Verena Engelhardt]]

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The English and American Studies Wiki, Oldenburg

is the interactive subpage of the Oldenburg university English and American studies website http://www.uni-oldenburg.de/anglistik/

The wiki is supervised by staff members and students (the central page is here the Community portal). You have to open an account (we appreciate real name accounts such as Anna Auguscik) to edit pages. Take a look through our Help section if you feel uneasy about using a wiki.

The site is mainly designed to coordinate the flow of information. Put Current events on your watchlist to stay informed. Staff members and students are invited to open pages for all purposes relating to their work.

In case of technical problems do not hesitate to contact any of the admins listed on the right. We will be at your service personally.

Your English and American Studies Team

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