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April 20, 2007, Oldenburg, Oldenburg

Friday afternoon, the campus has turned silent, I should clear my desk, decide, what work I can do during the weekend, drink another cup of tea - I still have not answered all my mail.

The little Tae Kwon Do course (just a couple of minutes ago) has woken me up, feels good to move. Five people enrolled - ten would be better, so that it won’t matter whether all are present on all occasions. It is, by the way, not necessary to attend all sessions, one can drop in very now and then (though learning begins with the more regular thought about the whole thing).

Before the training we were having lunch together, Anton Kirchhofer, Anna Auguscik and Silke Greskamp, who is just completing her PhD in the field of gender-studies. Anton could win her to offer a seminar on a topic of her choice. She opted for:

Yann Martel's 'Self' and 'Life of Pi'

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi was received with great enthusiasm among readers and critics alike. It won him the prestigious Booker Prize in 2002 causing some controversy over alleged plagiarism. His novel deals with an (in)credible sea journey of a young boy and develops remarkable parallels with Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. But what is more, it is a very contemporary version of the ring parable and virtually forces the reader to make a decision, not only for the period of your reading the text but for your life.

(How on earth can I be so eloquent about a title I never read? – I just asked Anna sitting next to me.) In any case: The seminar - taking place on Mondays 18:00-20:00, A06 0-001 - got listed too late, and the number of participants is still too small. So think of the topic and if you are studying at the Aufbau-Modul level, think of enrolling. You already have a chosen one seminar? – choose another and decide later where you will write your paper.

A quarter to five! At six I should be at home – and I still have not decided what to cook tonight! Pasta, Anna said – Chaucer and then a gratin with fresh sweet-cream-tomato sauce? My fridge needs to be filled...

--Olaf Simons 16:43, 20 April 2007 (CEST)