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(Summer 2009)
(Summer 2009)
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==Summer 2009==
==Summer 2009==
*[[2009 AM Literature and the School System]]
*[[2009 AM Literature and the School System]]
*[[2009 MM African Intertextualities: Writing and Rewriting in Anglophone Fiction from Africa]]
==Winter 2008-2009==
==Winter 2008-2009==

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Five web pages offer our course programs. Number six gives an outlook into the future and is an invitation to think about courses you would like to give or attend:

LVP WiSe 2008/09

Sose 2009

The "Lehrveranstaltungsplaner"


where you have to register

Kommentiertes Veranstaltungsverzeichnis

detailed course information


the week's schedule

This Page all courses that use the seminar's wiki

Course Plan

the plan for the next two semesters (prospective)

Course Ideas

where you can develop your own ideas of courses you would like to give or attend

Summer 2009


Winter 2008-2009



Aufbaumodule 1: Sprachpraxis (registration closed as of Sept 5th!)

Emphasis on spoken English:

Emphasis on written English:

Kombinationsmodule Literatur-/Kulturwissenschaft

Kombinationsmodule Sprachwissenschaft/Didaktik


Master Module: Language Practice (registration closed as of Sept 5th)


Assignments, examinations, homework related materials


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