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I've got a question concerning one of the two essays for our excerpt. I like to read one of Robert Markley (Robert Markley. "The Rise of Nothing: " The New Eighteenth Century: Theory, Politics, English Literature ed. Felicity Nussbaum, Laura Brown, New York, London: Methuen, 1987.)... But as I found the book yesterday in the univerity's library, I noticed that the title of Markley's essay is "Sentimentality As Performance...". Did I get the right one because the title differs from the title on the wiki page? I hope to read your answer soon. Thanks for your help! Kai Rösler

We have realised that there is a problem, and we'll try to find a solution to have the texts downloadable... --Olaf Simons 17:02, 27 November 2007 (CET)
PS Discussions of the Basismodule please on the respective Discussion Page