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==Research Guides==
* [[Literary Studies:Research guide]]
*[[:Category:Handout|All our Handouts]]
*[[Literary Studies:Style sheet]]
*[[Literary Studies:Research guide]]
==Materials on individual texts and movies==
*[[:Category:Texts, Films etc.]]
*[[:Category:Reading lists]]
*[[:Category:Chronology|Texts chronologically]]
*[[:Category:By_author|Texts by author]]
*[[:Category:Movie|Movies chronologically]]
*[[:Category:On Literature|On Literature]]
==Reading Lists==
*[[With a Focus on History: Literature Reading List I]]
*[[ Titles by Topics: Literature Reading List II]]
*[[:Category:Tests|Test from BM-Assignments to Staatsexamensklausuren]]
==Course Evaluation==
*[[Evaluations|Model Sheets for Course Evaluations]]

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