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National License

I have just received my user name and password from Berlin but I am having difficulties accessing the information. When I click on the link for next week's materials and enter my information it says nevertheless that my access is denied due to server problems or my name is invalid. However, when I go to my account from the link I can access the EBBO/ECCO site. BUT I cannot access the literature that is assigned. I type in the title of the literature but it says that it cannot be found. I tried using the password and username which were given during the lecture but those are denied as well when I use the direct link on Wiki. What can I do? Thanks,

Kelly Jamison

May be that is because the links I provided do already have the Oldenburg university access details in them - which might not match with your own log-in details. If you get into the EEBO or ECCO user-interface you should be able to find the titles with the regular search options.
PS. As to accounts within our wiki - do please use real name accounts, i.e. Kelly Jamison rather than KellyJ83 [1]
best --Olaf Simons 15:11, 27 October 2007 (CEST)

Jessika Thiele: On Poetry, 6th November, 2007

first published on Blog

I am not sure what this blog is for but somehow I felt a strong urgent to write something in here...about the lecture of this afternoon. The word 'Literature' in the historic deeply fascinated me that we all talked about the same thing hundred years ago...just had another word.

Frankly there was one moment when I almost cried during the lecture...not because I was desperate or so sad or fed up with the content. No!

I deeply sighed when the tutor asked the rhetorical question: Why do we give our attention to poetry? I am studying English in the first semester and I am a poetess myself.Started writing some years ago.I even dare to say I am a good poetess...modern but good...and my first day in Oldenburg I spent in the library ... stumbling across books which tried to give me an answer on: What is poetry?

I found a book about Keats therories of this topic...that he used the word 'Sensitivity' to describe this rhythmic expression of feelings.

For so many years I was writing verses...lines...deeply meant to be philosophical...and suddenly at my first day in Oldenburg I was confronted with the question of my entire being.

I suppose it's obvious now that I really love poetry and it's not only verses or rhyme or any other well written nonsense to me. I appreciate English language in its deep sense and it strucked me deeply inside when I heard people laughing about this language...making fun of it.

Doesnt this language deserve our respect?

Pityful I thought about this question for a while and I came to the conclusion that all the people there had a reason why they took those English a modern way this reason can be defined as respect. I admit my respect towards language is quite different...

Anyway, I return to my first lines and to the question why we give so much attention to poetry...I may answer it one day when I found a satisfying answer on 'What is Poetry?' or I will just get an answer from the tutors in further lectures...I hope that the tutors will come to the simple end that they say 'Poetry deserves our attention because it reflects the feelings of individuals towards a hidden topic in a special time of a special period.'

Jessika Thiele 20:02, 7 November 2007 (CET)

Jessika Thiele: On Poetry, Wednesday, 14th November, 2007

first published on Blog

Here we a cold cold Wednesday night...Recovering my impressions from the yesterday's lecture and from a line of a friend of mine: She said that Literature is the most confusing course of the whole English studies. Frankly, I can understand her but only because I know that literature is such a wide field and that's why it seems complex. I also admit that after the lecture of literature I was even more confused about my main question...

What is Poetry?...

And what's the difference to Poesy?

Why do you use two different words? Poesy so soft and Poetry so strong...almost an illusion because Poetry is mostly fragile. I fear I need to find out first

'What WAS Poetry?'

Was it Opera? No, not at all...

There was more than Opera and more in the Poets heads than a play on a stage. (Sometimes poetry should be hidden in a small chamber and never get out...especially not on a can compare it to a prisoner whose head will be cut off in front of hundred people)

I try to figure out what the Poets of that time thought. Were they happy with the stage? And another question rising in my head: What about Drama? So all Poets in that time got a connection to Drama (or at least to a play on a stage in a theatre)?

I suppose I already asked far more questions than one can answer...some surely will be answered by the tutors in the lectures and some will be answered by myself. I dont know...when I think of Drama and a theatre then Shakespeare comes into my mind. Even the hundred years old books of Shakespeare's plays on my bookshelf may not give the answer to my dearly beloved questions. Simply because Shakespeare was not a poet...though...he wrote some poems I dare to say he was definitely not a poet as we know the word 'Poet' today...

So was he called a Poet in his time!?

So far the tutors in any English course were avoiding Shakespeare...his character...his time and his surroundings. I remember something my English teacher said last year: 'When I was studying I hated Shakespeare and I still hate him.' As an admirer of this great man I was shocked.

How can an English teacher ever dare to say she/he doesnt like Shakespeare?

Sure, I confess his plays and thoughts are not modern today BUT in his time his plays and thoughts were a revolution!

Well, I guess in the end literature is worth a discussion about its own definition...but it's not worth having a debate about the beauty of literature because every piece of Literature is beautiful!

Jessika Thiele 20:21, 14 November 2007 (CET)

Research Paper

I hope it is not a stupid question, but I would like to know (from one of you) if I have to hand in that research paper again, which I have done already in winter semester 2006/07? I think nobody mentioned it during the lectures! Rukiye Serin