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Provisorische uralte Infos über mich:

Currently researching for the Magisterarbeit:

Jasper Fforde's 'Thursday Next' (2001-2007). Intertextuality, Metafiction, Postmodernism

Questions I ponder

I here have a couple of fake titles modelled on existing ones... some I have found the reference (or think so) and I am pretty sure the other ones have references as well... so if you have any idea of the model/reference, tell me :)

The War of the Words [War of the Worlds]
Last Among Prequels [First Among Sequels]
Apocalypse Next [Apocalypse Now]
Dark Reading Matter [?]
Paragraph Lost [Paradise Lost]
Herrings Red [um... a red herring in this list?]
The Palmipsets of Dr Caligari [The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari]
The Legion of the Danvers [The Legion of the X, for X having LOTS of models]
Some Other Title Entirely [probably just that]

(the above are announcements of the next book in a series. Which will, I suppose, rather get the last suggestion in a literal way.)

Hosing the Dolly [?]
Love among the begonias [~Chickens, ~Walnuts, ~Ruins, ~Cannibals; since it is a similar source probably referring to the walnuts. Totally "nuts" anyway.]
The Demonic Couplets by Salmon Thrusty [The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie]
Bananas for Edward [Flowers for Algernon]
The Mews of Doom [?]
Collecting the Undead [?]