2020-21 MM Polarizing Fiction: Science in Popular Literature

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  • Course: 3.02.980
  • Time: Thursday 10-12h
  • Venue: online via Stud.IP, BBB meetings
  • Course Description:

Please, buy and read the following novels:

  • Robinson, Kim Stanley. Antarctica.
  • Crichton, Michael. State of Fear.
  • as well as one of the following: [to be discussed]

PLEASE NOTE: All primary materials will be made available at the CvO bookshop. Please use the time until the beginning of term to immerse yourself in the reading of the first two novels. Additional materials for preparation, as well as the detailed syllabus, will be made available here and/or on Stud.IP. There will be a Handapparat in our library.

Session 1:

  • Welcome: Please read my message under 'Ankündigungen on Stud.IP'; familiarize yourself with the draft syllabus that you find here and note the course requirements for 9 KP:
  • (1) excerpts and textual analysis assignments (upload weekly to Stud.IP)
  • (2) three RPOs (1 per novel, 1 page each; upload to Stud.IP)
  • (3) one seminar paper (15-20 pp), based on the topic of one of your RPOs (upload to Stud.IP and hand in as print version by 15 March).
  • We will meet on Stud.IP (go to our course --> 'meetings' --> no camera, mute microphone (we will add these as we proceed)

Session 2:

  • Topic:
  • Primary Source:
  • Secondary Source:

Session 3:

Session 4:

  [Hand in RPO #1 until session 5]

Session 5:

Session 6:

Session 7:

  • evaluation

Session 8:

  • feedback on evaluation
  [Hand in RPO #2 until session 9]

Session 9:

Session 10:

  [Hand in RPO #3 until session 11]

Session 11:

Session 12:

  • feedback on RPOs
  • discussion of research papers

  [Hand in research papers until 15 March 2021]


Primary Reading

  • see above

Secondary Reading

  • will be made available via Stud.IP

Further Reading

  • cf. Stud.IP/Dateien