2006-07 BM1 Introduction to Literature, Part 1

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Course Outline

1 Oct. 24, 2006 Approaching the Question: “What Is Literature?” Different definitions and a look at the term in changing his-torical contexts.
2 Oct. 31, 2006 The Rise of Literature I
— A Discourse which Appropriated other Discourses. Not synonyms: The terms "literature", "belles letters", "poesy" and "fiction" (focussing on developments of the 17th and 18th centuries).
further reading
3 Nov. 7, 2006 The Rise of Literature II
— The Success of the Pluralistic National Discourse: From early histories of poesy to modern histories of literature (focussing on developments of the 19th and 20th centuries)
4 Nov. 14, 2006 Tutorial Sessions
5 Nov. 21, 2006 Models for the Periodization of Literature
— How the past was constructed in literary history.
further reading
6 Nov. 28, 2006 The Definition of Genres I
— Poets and the Art of Poetry
7 Dec. 5, 2006 The Definition of Genres II
— Dramatic Theory and Theatrical Practice
8 Dec. 12, 2006 The Definition of Genres III
— Fiction and the Book Market
further reading
9 Dec. 19, 2006 The Satanic Verses (1988)
— Case study of the reception of Salman Rushdie's novel.
10 Jan. 9, 2007 Communication, Literary and Non-Literary — A Recapitulation presentation
11 Jan. 16, 2007 Tutorial Sessions materials
12 Jan. 23, 2007 Written Test test
13 Jan. 30, 2007 Feedback on Test and Look Ahead course evaluation
14 Feb. 6, 2007 Conclusion: Literature - the Ongoing Open Discussion Recent Trends in literary theory from poststructuralism to the present. presentation

Recommended Reading

  • Olaf Simons, Marteaus Europa oder der Roman, bevor der Literatur wurde (Amsterdam, 2001) link for a short history of our concept of literature]