2007-08 BM1: Session 11

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Questions the tutors collected

  1. What does "viz" mean in Robinson Crusoe?
  2. What does "Victorian bardolatry" mean?
  3. The Elizabethan world picture and the Jacobean period. When did the change take place, what was significant, how is it reflected in Shakespeare's work?
  4. Restoration comedies - what were the characteristics and what was the reaction they provoked
  5. Sentimental comedies and tragedies - were they simultaneous, what kind of tragedies do we subsume under this term?
  6. What do the terms "prose fiction" and "fiction" refer to?
  7. Recaptitulate the different versions of the "Rise of the Novel" as explained in lecture 5.
  8. What did the terms "novel" and "romance" mean - in the context of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1719).
  9. The chart on the blackboard given at the end of the last lecture should be looked at again.
  10. Explain the model of communication you gave in several of the lectures.
  11. 1750 - can this year actually have been such a watershed?
  12. Is the "post" in postcolonial the same as in postmodern? How do these periods relate to each other?
  13. What does the term "transcendental homelessness refer to?
  14. What does the "order of fictions" mean?
  15. The diagram of different sorts of fiction around 1700 should be explained again.
  16. The table of the different topics the literary discourse adopted should be recapitulated.