2007 BM1-B Introduction to Literature, Part 2

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Opening Note:

This is the place where you will find complementary information on the Basismodul 1 as it specifically relates to Course B (Tue 14-16 h, A07 0-030, Hörsaal G, Anton Kirchhofer).

The Shakespeare Drama for this course will be Hamlet. You are welcome to read the play in German first, in order to get a general idea (using, for example, a Reclam edition, either bilingual or monoligual). In the course, we will work with the first edition of 1603 (available for download from our main course page -- or here: Hamlet (1603) -- and soon also as a mastercopy in Wersig) as well as the current top critical edition of Hamlet (The Arden Edition, third series, ed. Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor, ca. 14 EUR at CvO bookshop).

You may use the discussion page above for any questions relating specifically to our course rather than to the entire module.

NOTE: Because Olaf is going to be in the US until April 16, his course C will join ours in the first week.

ASSIGNMENT 1: The assignment is due back on Tue, May 15, 2007. Download it from the general Basismodul-Schedule-Page. You may go to one of the tutorials to get discuss the questions.

For meeting No.4 (May 15, 2007) please read Hamlet, Act I, and especially the Ghost's long speech (Arden ed. 3rd series, 1.5.1-112).