2008-09 AM British and Global Anglophone Youth Cultures

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AM 10, 2c, 4b: British and Global Anglophone Youth Cultures

  • Time: Fr 12-14
  • Lecturer: Annika McPherson
  • Comment: Since Dick Hebdige’s influential study Subculture: The Meaning of Style(1979) youth and alternative cultures have been important aspects of cultural studies. Although the notion of “subculture” has been criticised, it continues to inform the study of contemporary youth and young people’s representation in the media. In this course we will approach the study of British and global Anglophone youth from various angles including literary depictions, cultural expressions, performance, language usage, patterns of consumption, and the role of different media in the lives of young people. You will get to know, explore, and assess different research methods and concepts of literary, cultural, and sociological analyses.
  • The websites we will consult include: http://www.theory.org.uk/ and http://thepiratesdilemma.com/
  • A reader and reserved readings will be available at the beginning of the course (see also the forthcoming syllabus and reading list on the Wiki).
  • Requirements: regular attendance and active participation, oral presentation and/or research report/portfolio (3 KP) plus term paper (10 pages for the 6 KP option).