2008-09 BM1 Assignment 3: Fiction

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This assignment concerns all courses in 2008-09 BM 1. It is due on Friday, Jan 23, 2008, noon, in your teacher's post box.

Please make sure to submit your assignment stapled together but not bound in any folder. Every assignment must include a "title-page" and the statement on plagiarism.

You may write up to three pages of text, according to the formatting specifications of our style sheet. Any text beyond the first three pages will be ignored and there will a min. of 10% deduction of points gained.

2008-09 BM1 Assignment 3: Fiction

The text is specified according to the Penguin Classics 2007 edition, by Owen Knowles, Robert Hampson, and J. H. Stape, p. 14

from "One thing more remained to do" until "a queer feeling came to me that I was an impostor"

If you have trouble opening the pdf-document, please ask your teacher.