2008-09 MM Multicultural Conviviality and Conflict in Britain

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MM2: Multicultural Conviviality and Conflict in Britain

  • Time: Fr 16-18
  • Lecturer: Annika McPherson
  • Comment: In After Empire: Melancholia or Convivial Culture (2004), Paul Gilroy explores contemporary Britain’s “convivial” culture in relation to debates about nationalism, postcolonialism, and race. Thinking with and beyond ‘race, class, and gender’ this course aims to outline notions of “inter-,” “multi-,” and “transculturalism” in the context of British discussions of cultural diversity and conflict. A reader and reserved readings will be available at the beginning of the course (see also the forthcoming syllabus and reading list on the Wiki).
  • Requirements: regular attendance and active participation, oral presentation of your research in progress (15-20 minutes), and a final term paper (ca. 20 pages).