2010 AM The Modern ELT-Classroom, Th 8-10

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English Didactics

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Literary Research for Didactics

Secondary Literature for ELT

Week 1 - April 08, 2010

Research in EFL

  • Poster Session (examples)
  • Research paper
  • How to elicit data (examples)

For next week:

  • Application: What do the curricula say? (Please have a close look at the core curriculum for class 5 Hauptschule/Realschule and Gymnasium). Be prepared to comment on a) the learning outcomes, b) the level, and c) how textbooks implement the outcomes (find a sample from a unit of your choice).

Week 2 - April 15, 2010

Research in EFL

Done: We

  • defined the terms "standards", "competence", "can-do descriptors"
  • analyzed and commented on the core curriculum for grades 5/6
  • defined the role of grammar/pronunciation/lexics in the core curriculum
  • described the theoretical underpinnings of CeR
  • commented on the lesson plan "food-words" for Gymnasium grade 6

For next week:

  • Action Item: Rewrite the lesson plan "food" by contexualizing activities in all phases.

Week 3 - April 22, 2010

Concepts of communicative competence

  • We will discuss your version of "food"; comparision with lesson plan 2
  • Definitions of standards, curriculum, ...
  • Implementation of core curriculum in textbooks: a) communicative competences, b) methodological competences, and c) differences in implementation of GeF in German curricula


  • Discussion of alternative version of "food" lesson. Focus: more learner orientiation (contextualization, continuity, playful activites (see last page of download FOOD in stud-ip)
  • Methodological competence: definition, categories (core curriculum Niedersachsen), and samples
  • AI: Lesson plan food 2: a) evaluation of methodology, delivery, activities, communicative level and b) evaluation of activities that can be classified as aiming at methodological competences

For next week:

  • Please identify and describe elements/activities/objectives in LP 'food2' that support methodological competence.
  • Outline 1-3 additional activities that foster strategies and/or techniques for building up one's methodological competence.

Week 4 - April 29, 2010

Types of communicative lesson plans

  • Evaluation of food2-lesson plan (focus on development of communicative and of methodological competences)
  • Impulsreferat: Features of communicative competence
  • Comparison of various approaches to communicative lesson planning (Hecht/Waas/Ziegesar/Ziegesar, zoo plan, which can be found in stud-ip): How is the plan sequenced? What types of activities are there that foster interaction? Try to categorize the types of activites (e.g. controlled, less controlled, uncontrolled, or: listing, ordering.....). For one sequence in the lesson plan, please outline an alternative (see link).


  • Evaluation of food2-lesson plan (with a focus on the development of communicative and methodological competences)
  • Comparison of concepts of communicative competence (text based)

For next week:

  • Please compare individual definitions with Brown, Doý, Piepho (visualization appreciated)
  • Describe levels/categories of competence (according to Brown, Doyé) that are initiated or fostered in LP food 1 and LP food 2

Week 5 - May 06, 2010

Learning outcomes

Impulsreferat: learning outcomes, CEFR, Niedersachsen's core curriculum

Action Item: Design a learning task that supports learning outcomes in the core curriculum for classes 5/6 or 7/8

Action Item: Write a) objectives and b) learning outcome for a unit of your choice.

Action Item: Outline three different tasks that cover the content of a unit of your choice Source: OFZ (Österreichisches Kompetenzzentrum)


  • 1. Task: a) (You can) compare individual definitions with Brown, Doý, Piepho (visualization appreciated) and b) (You can) describe levels/categories of competence that are initiated or fostered in LP food 1 and LP food 2.
  • 2. Impulsreferat: You can define learning outcomes
  • 3. Principles of Bildungsstandards: You can explain the structures and intentions of Bildungsstandards (Kultusministerkonferenz).


For next week: See action items for week 7 and please bring a textbook to class (Sek I or Primary level).

Week 6 - May 13, 2010 - Ascension - No Class

Week 7 - May 20, 2010

Learning arrangements

Action Item 1: Please design a learning task that supports learning outcomes in the core curriculum for class 5/6 or 7/8.

Action Item 2:: Please write a) the objectives and b) the learning outcomes for a textbook unit of your choice.

Action Item 3: Please write a learning task that supports the development of a writing standard (see worksheet).

Source: OFZ (Österreichisches Kompetenzzentrum)

Please bring a textbook to class (Sek I or Primary level)

Impulsreferat: Differenzierung/Individualisierung See link

Task: 1. What forms of individualization can you find in textbooks/in lesson plans? 2. T what extent do methods in the chart support differentiation and why?

Quality management

Action Item: Collect criteria for good language teaching according to the website compare with link Develop a checklist

SAI: Outline a questionaire for collecting data on how teachers assure quality in their teaching see link

Week 8 - May 27, 2010

Teaching vocabulary

Task 1

  • Please outline a working definition of differentiation that focuses on foreign language learning.
  • Collect a list of procedures that support differentiation in the ELT-classroom.
  • Go through 2-3 units of a modern textbook of your choice and list activites in which differentiation is achieved.

Impulsreferat: Vocabulary teaching; Texts: Richards/Rendnya, Section 11

Action Item: How is the teaching of vocabulary being realized in lesson plans (see 4 teachers.de or englische-fachdidaktik.com chapter 15). Choose at least 3 different plans for analysis.

Week 9 - June 03, 2010

Teaching vocabulary

Action Item: How is the teaching of vocabulary being realized in lesson plans (see download 5 on stud-ip)

  • a) Techniques of introducing the new words
  • b) exercises and tasks
  • c) transfer/application.....
  • Please also comment on the ways individualization is achieved

Texts: Richards/Rendnya, section 11

Activity in class: Developing a questionaire. How do teachers deal with vocabulary in class? See also Gehring, Englische Fachdidaktik, Berlin 2010, chapters 11, 15, 19

Week 10 - June 10, 2010

Vocabulary strategies in textbooks

Task: Please develop a questionnaire for researching strategies of vacabulary learning among ELT-student. Please also bring the textbooks to class.

 Class cancelled!

Week 11 - June 17, 2010

Teaching language based

Week 12 - June 24, 2010

Teaching task based

Week 13 - July 01, 2010

Teaching content based

 class cancelled!

Week 14 - July 08, 2010

Individual counselling (poster session, action items)