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The Betty Trask Award is awarded to a writer under the age of 35 for his or her first novel. The award is given by the Society of Authors for both published and unpublished works. The author must be a Commonwealth citizen, and the work must be 'of a romantic or traditional nature, i.e. not experimental'. It is founded from a bequest by the late Betty Trask, a reclusive author of over thirty romance novels. This award has been established since 1984 and total £25,000(shared)each year.


Prize winner

  • Will Davis, My Side of the Story (2007) (Bloomsbury)-£10,000

Award winners

  • Adam Foulds for The Truth About These Strange Times (Weidenfeld)
  • Cynan Jones for The Long Dry (Parthian)
  • Julie Maxwell for You Can Live Forever (Cape)
  • Karen Mcleod for In Search of the Missing Eyelash (Cape) - £2,500 each


  • Michele Roberts, Andrew Holgate and Sarah Waters