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The Encore Award used to be awarded yearly since 1990 and is now awarded biennially by the Society of Authors.


  • the work must be a novel by one other who has had only one novel published previously
  • the work must be in English language, first published in the UK, and not a work for children either
(a) the author must be a British or Commonwealth citizen or
(b) the book must have been first published in the UK

Entry procedures

  • publisher nominates book for election
  • The award is selected by a group of three judges.


The prize comes with 10,000 pounds-divided amongst the winners in years where there is more than one.


The prize of £10,000 was presented by Dan Jacobson at a reception in the Nash Room at the ICA on 22nd May 2007. The judges were Alex Clark, Lindsay Duguid and Peter Parker.


  • M.J. Hyland, Carry Me Down (2006) (Canongate)

Runners up

  • Vikram Chandra – Sacred Games (Faber)
  • Will Eaves – Nothing to be Afraid Of (Picador)
  • James Lasdun – Seven Lies (Cape)
  • Mary Lawson – The Other Side of the Bridge (Chatto)
  • Jon McGregor – So Many Ways to Begin (Bloomsbury)


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