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  • go to the page you want to link to, copy the headline and paste this headline between double square brackets on the page on which you want to see the new link - as here in [[Main Page]]
  • If you want to create a new page and link to it, write the new page's headline between double square brackets and save. the result will be a red link as in This new page. Click it an begin editing your new page
  • if a link is blue, the page does already exist
  • if a link is red, the page has not yet been created or been deledted.
  • If you insert a | after the page reference you can give your link another reading like: [[User:Olaf Simons/Tae Kwon Do|Uni Tae Kwon Do Kurs]] - that will appear as Uni Tae Kwon Do Kurs
  • If you want to link to a category (a page the wiki automatically generates as soon as you have categorised a page accordingly) you need a : after the two brackets - the syntax is [[:Category:Chronology]] for Category:Chronology.

One can of course set links within the wiki using a complete url with rather than simply Main Page the problem is here, however, that such links will not be recognised by the wiki as internal links. It is good if the wiki knows all its internal links as you can now ask any individual page whether it still receives links, and if so from where (there is a "What links here" link in the menue bottom right), you can also go to "special pages" and search for "orphaned pages", i.e. for pages that do not receive any links any longer - pages you might want to delete as they have silently gone out of use.