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One of the brilliant wiki-features is the "watchlist" - brilliant since every one of us is interested in different pages.

  • To get an overview of what happens on a page you are interested in you click at "watch" in the tab-list of this page.
  • If you click "my watchlist" in the command line at the beginning (where you find your name, your personal talk page etc.) you'll get a list of all the pages you have on your watchlist.
  • You can click for a version-comparison and see what others have done with this page recently.
  • If you want to watch the complete system clitck at "Recent Changes" in the navigation menue on the left hand side.
  • If you want to watch a user, visit his user page and click "user contributions" in the "toolbox" menue at the right.

Take a tour through the "Special pages" section (you find that again in the "toolbox" menue) to get encounter all the further features.