Rimmon-Kenan, Narrative Fiction: Contemporary Poetics, London 1983

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91 Subordination relations: narrative levels Geschichten können Erzählungen enthalten: Hierarchie der Erzählebenen. (wieder nach Genette)
  • diegesis : story
  • extradiegetic level: "immediately superior to the first narrative and concerned with its narration".
  • diegetic level: "the events themselves".
91f hypodiegetic level: "stories told by fictional characters [...] a second degree narrative"
92 "[...] the diegetic level is narrated by an extradiegetic narrator, the hypodiegetic level by a diegetic (intradiegetic) one".

Funktionen hypodiegetischer Erzählungen:

  • Actional function: befördern die Handlung allein durch die Tatsache, daß sie erzählt werden.
  • Explicative function: "the hypodiegetic level offers an explanation of the diegetic level"
  • Thematic function: Analogie zwischen beiden Ebenen.
93 Fast-Identität der beiden Ebenen = mise en abyme.
94 A typology of narrators

Narrative level

  • extradiegetic narrators (Tom Jones)
  • intradiegetic narrators (Heart of Darkness)
  • hypo- and hypohypodiegetic narrators.
95 Extent of participation in the story beteiligter Erzähler ist "homodiegetic"; nicht in der Geschichte beteiligter ist "heterodiegetic".
96 Degree of perceptibility
  • Description of setting: relatively minimal sign.
  • Identification of characters:
  • Temporal summary:
  • Definition of character:
  • Reports of what characters did not think or say:
  • Commentary:
100 Reliability

signs of unreliability:

  • limited knowledge
  • personal involvement
  • problematic value-scheme

"reliability can [...] be defined by their absence".