Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children (1981)

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Midnight's Children is a novel written by Salman Rushdie and first published by Jonathan Cape (UK) in April 1981. "The novel narrates key events in the history of India through the story of pickle-factory worker Saleem Sinai, one of 1001 children born as India won independence from Britain in 1947." [1]


  • 1981-Arts Council Writers' Award
  • 1981-Booker Prize for Fiction
  • 1981-English-Speaking Union Award
  • 1981-James Tait Black Memorial Prize joint winner
  • 1993-Booker of Bookers (special award made to celebrate 25 years of the Booker Prize for Fiction)

Reception and Reviews

  • Robert Taubman. "Experimments with truth." LRB, 7-20 May 1981, pp. 3, 5-6.

Further Reading

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