Somerset Maugham Award

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  • Created and endowed in 1947 by Somerset Maugham to enable British authors under the age of 35 to enrich their writing by spending time abroad
  • the Somerset Maugham Award may be best known for its being given to Kingsley Amis--who famously disliked foreign travel and used the money to write a book called I Like It Here--in 1955, for Lucky Jim, which Maugham had reviewed, pronouncing its author "scum."
  • It is administered by the Society of Authors
  • recently there have been several winners each year, each of whom receives £3500.
  • The awards are not limited to fiction, though dramatic works are excluded from consideration.


Winners £5000 each

  • Horatio Clare, Running to the Hills (2006) John Murray
  • James Scudamore, The Amnesia Clinic (2006) Harvill Secker
  • Judges: Louise Doughty, Susan Elderkin and Matt Thorne


  • Chris Cleave, Incendiary, published by Chatto & Windus
  • Owen Sheers, Skirrid Hill, published by Seren
  • Zadie Smith, On Beauty (2005) published by Hamish Hamilton