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Dear Mr. Simons,

do we have to make a list of contents? How are we supposed to structure our assignment? Introdiction, main part, conclusion etc or just one coherent text (since it's an essay..)?

I have a question concerning the assignment. Are we supposed to look for secondary literature on "The Intersting Narrative..." in general? Or do we have to come up with a certain question like we had for the RPO? I did attend the last session on Monday, but still i don't know what to do. Because the task in the wiki is different from what Mr. Simons told us. It would be nice to have some further information on what we are actually supposed to do.

Thank you.

I do have the same problem. I am not sure how to start the whole process of researching. And I do have some problems with getting secondary literature from the 18th and 19th century. Especially because all the articles I found yet tell me that "Olaudah Equiano" raised attention back in the days when he published it and nowadays again! I am getting frustrated and confused and there isn' t the time to have such feelings!!! Therefore can anybody give me some advice???

Your difficulty with finding secondary literature from the 18th and 19th centuries may be that there isn't much... if you go through all the databases and the library and STILL can't find anything, then this is also something worth commenting on in your assignment, I think. As for how to start researching, there is a nice folder filled with secondary literature on StudIP that you can download and go through. Also, check the MLA database. JSTOR. Scholarly journals in the library, if you want to look into research that is older then we are. --A.G.

When we are doing the bibliography are we supposed to organise the different books and articles according to the authors names or the dates they were published? Because someone told us we should organize them chronologically!

- I have a question concerning the second assignment: is the bibliography part of the four pages?

Hi Katrin! Of course, I don't have the final say & authorization, but: I don't think that the bibliography is part of those four pages. Just make sure that your essay is about 4 pages long. I can imagine that the number of pages is actually just a rough guide ("approx. 4 computer-typed pages"). I don't think that it would be a problem if you wrote four-and-a-quarter page in order to make your point. Just think of those articles you find in the MLA database (most of them are also about 4-5 pages long). -Matthias Büttner 09:00, 16 July 2009 (UTC)

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