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Frankly I am totally against any kind of religion....philosophy and some kind of spiritual theories: yes, but religion (with a holy book, monuments and rituals) is, in my eyes, the deepest disillusionment humanity ever got into! At first I need to say that I accept and understand every religion in existence. Still religion is nothing scientific...Isn't it? My character traits always allow me to accept everything and especially those things which I cant see but it always shocked me last week when many of my friends told me they take lectures in Religion... What is there to analyse about? I am always open for enlightenment but just as long as it follows a certain logic.

Is believing in a supernatural power a logic?

Is going to church (or praying in a temple), falling on your knees, stretching your arms up to the ceiling something you have to do to reach a higher state of understanding?

Is living a strict and regulated life a path to enlightenment?

It is easy to say that when having no idea about it. Sorry, but I think it is a restricted view to argue that religion is not scientific or logical, or even to say it was a disillusionment. You think religion is not scientific - what do you think is 'scientific', or what is scientific about literature? Others could ask this question to you because they do not understand the 'scientific-ness' of literature the way you do it. What you write in your blog about your attitude toward poetry isn't 'scientific' or 'logical' either. Does writing poems make you reach a 'higher state of understanding'?
Yet, religion is as scientific as philosophy or literature. Students/scholars analyze and criticize what is written in the Bible, how it is written, or even by whom it was written. There is much more to analyze as you think. Take one passage in the Bible and analyze it from different perspectives - philosophy, sociology etc. (see the term Exegese). By the way, not every student who studies theology is religious. One way to deal with religion is that you don't take it too serious. Verena Engelhardt 19:36, 14 April 2008 (CEST)

To Bryon

Hello there,

if you fancy going out to a rather alternative place, I'll strongly suggest the Metro in Fridays and Saturdays! Since I moved to Leeds I can absolutely relate to your feeling of slight alienation! Go to the Metro and enjoy yourself mate. You could also consider going to a rather 'chillaxed' (learned another ridiculous compound recently) club called Polyester and play some 'Fussball' there.