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Hello everybody! on behalf of Jens-Ulrich Davids, who used to teach at our university for some decades and who put quite a few good plays on stage in the past - well what to say: "He is back!" watch out for this in July and come and join and have a great time! Mariam Severin Unikum: July 7,8,11,12, 14,17 8 p.m. 5 / 7.50 The Sideway Theatre Company proudly presents:

Humble Boy, by Charlotte Jones

Felix Humble, a theoretical astrophysicist in his thirties, returns home for the funeral of his father, a teacher of biology and beekeeper. The first thing he notices is that the bees are gone. Why? Once his elegant and unmaternal mother appears on the scene one begins to understand some more of his troubles. “ I have been doubly unlucky in my life”, she says, “To marry a biologist and give birth to a physicist.” And how should he come to terms with her lover George who wants to marry her? The two men dislike each other profoundly. And what to make of the strange gardener Jim, traipsing around the greenery, whom only Felix sees? Should this configuration in a summer garden somewhere in the Cotswolds remind you of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – right you are, it is supposed to. The characters, however, all six of them, are strictly of our times, and so are the solutions (if any) they find to the various conflicts they stumble or rush into. In this “recognisably contemporary West End ‘well-made play’ of the first rank” (Times Literary Supplement), we observe how Felix searches for a “unified field theory” with which to link and explain cosmic phenomena and social ones. We admire how Rosie, his love of way back whom he left when things became difficult, manages her life. We laugh with Mercy, who wishes nothing more than that her Gazpacho become a success. We listen to clever observations and tough invective, we sit through very funny moments and very sad ones, surprises and deft turns, and we enjoy a good deal of honey for thought. Yes, what about the bees? To bee or not to bee? The Sideway Theatre Company, made up of students of this university, is back after three years with this recent play (2001) by a young British playwright, Charlotte Jones. She was named ‘best playwright of the year’ and the play ‘best play of the year’. Both were praised highly in the British press. You’ll love it!

Jens-Ulrich Davids


So so, da wird gebastelt, (sehe alles) Gruß herüber, --Olaf Simons 15:54, 20 June 2007 (CEST) (Hat Anna einen Schlüssel für's Zimmer (da ich gleich weg bin))