William Percy, Sonnet II (1594)

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Oh happie houre, and yet vnhappie houre,
When first by chaunce I had my goddesse vievved,
Then first I tasted of the svveetest soure,
Wherevvith the cup of Cypria is embrevved.
For gazing ferme vvithout suspition,
Loue coopt behind the charet of her eye,
Iustly to schoole my bold presumption,
Against my hart did let an arrow flie:
Faire sir, quoth he, to practise haue you nought
But to be gazing on deuinitie?
Before you part, your leare you shall be tought,
With that attonce he made his arrovves hie:
Imperious God, I did it not to loue her
Ah, stay thy hand, I did it but to proue her.

First Edition

William Percy. "Sonnet II." Sonnets to the Fairest Coelia. London: Adam Islip for W.P., 1594. EEBO

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