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The Creative Writing Society Oldenburg (CWS)

Who are we?

We are a small group of students, former students and alumni of the University of Oldenburg. A few years ago some of us participated in a creative writing class, and when it ended we started meeting once every fortnight to improve our English language skills, to read new texts to each other and to simply talk about them. Sadly, for diverse reasons, we haven't been able to meet for a year now. In order to remedie this - and because we really, really wanted to write stories again, some of us decided that it would be neat to have a web-community where we can meet... so, here we were, and we've been growing ever since.

What do we do?

We meet once a month on Friday evening to work on texts together, review each others writings, write together and generally have a lots of fun. Each of our meetings has a specific topic (e.g. "Poetry", "Writing dialogues", "Plot and structure of short stories"). Although, this year brought a great change to that...

Visit our homepage to read some of our stories online.

What are we doing in 2012?

This year brought a few changes for our group. For one, we aren't usuing our old forum [1] anymore. Instead, most of our active writers have moved to LiveJournal [2] and maintain blogs where they post poems, short stories, and updates about their current writing process. General group announcements can now be found on my blog [3].

Aside from our regular meetings, we are working on a continuous project this year - we are writing novels. Some of us are working on a novel, novella, or at least a very long story. This means that we will concentrate heavily on plot and structure this year. There will be no meetings on poetry, or essay writing.

You can check this year's schedule here.

We still maintain our regular meetings, so those of us who are not writing a novel can still improve their writing and speaking skills.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to learn how to write stories, poems and plays... and who isn't afraid of discussing his/her own writings within the group.

If you want to participate in a meeting, please, contact me by mail first.

Malin Schmidt