Academic Study Skills Workshop

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A workshop designed (mainly) for 3rd semester students (after successful completion of the BM).

A possible structure might look like this:

Workshop A

Date: Orientation week Instructor: staff member Content: Introducing aspects of academic study skills/content of coming workshops (ca. 20 min per workshop + discussion) Length: 3-4 hours

Workshops 1-6 should be taught be tutors. Additional support-Sprechstunden may be held by members of staff.

  • Academic research I (databases, library resources)
  • Academic reasearch II (citing other people's work, constructing a research question)
  • Academic writing (basic differences between the different research fields)
  • Presentation skills I (technical stuff)
  • Presentation skills II (people)
  • Presentation skills III (presenting your work on paper)
  • Creating handouts
  • Creating additional materials for a presentation
  • Creating a term paper

Workshop 1: Academic research I

- how to use local databases and catalogues

- how to use the internet (search machines, web catalogues, databases)

- how to use library sources (in addition with an "know your area and subject" Schnitzeljagd)

Workshop 2: Academic research II

- stylesheets

- how to quote and cite correctly

- how to create a bibliography

- using different types of database software (Endnote, Citation, Excel)

Workshop 3: Academic writing

- how to structure a seminar/term paper

- different styles for different Fachkomponenten

- abstract writing as an art

- condensing academic writing to poster content

Workshop 4: Presentation Skills I

- Powerpoint

- know your way around your word processing software

- how to create transparencies for OHPs

- poster design

- how to set up a computer and a digital projector

Workshop 5: Presentation Skills II

- body language

- academic language of presentations

- teamworking skills

- how to involve your audience

Workshop 6: Presentation Skills II

- creating handouts

- creating additional material for your presentation (wiki, html etc)