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Britain and Europe
1. History

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Research criteria

2. Major events

2.1 European Free Trade Association
2.2 Applications for EEC membership
2.2.1 First application (1961)
2.2.2 Second application (1967)
2.2.3 Entry to the EEC (1973)
2.2.4 Referendum (1975)
2.3 European projects/policies
2.3.1 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
2.3.2 Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)
2.3.3 Single European Act (1986)
2.3.4 Maastricht Treary (1992)

3. Latest Developments

Latest Developments

4. Help


5. Bibliography

Useful literature on Britain and Europe

Future projects

Bosnia (1999)
War on Terror after 9/11
Afghanistan (2001)
Iraq II (2003)


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