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  • Click at "log in/ create an account" at the top of the screen to the right.
  • "Create" an account using your real name (like Anna Auguscik - first name, blank, last name) and a password of your choice. Your e-mail will not become visible to others, so you can use any e-mail you like, even your favourite one.

What is the account good for?

  • You will be able to contribute comments, thoughts, news and own pages!
  • All your edits will be connected with your account and your user page
  • You will be able to sign statements with ~~~~ - the wiki will transform them into a verifiable personal signature
  • Your account will allow you to create a watchlist which you can use to watch sites of your interest

See signatures for further information.

To check a user's edits visit his or her user page and click "user contributions" in the left hand menu.