US Presidential Election 2008: Newspaper Editorials

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US Presidential Election, 2008


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Liberal editorials

New York Times: Frank Rich writes about McCain's recent attempts to discredit Obama, attempts that border on inciting racial hatred.

New York Times: Making America Stupid by Thomas Friedman

This editorial was written by the son of a very well-known conservative commentator, William F Buckley. His son explains why he himself supports Obama

Here he explains why he left the conservative journal "NAtional Review" after being ostracized following his editorial supporting Obama in The Daily Beast:

Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes

Conservative editorials

New York Times

William Kristol, a conservative who writes for the NYT criticizes the McCain campaign and describes how he thinks McCain could still win.

Fox News

Here are some excerpts from McCain and Obama's economic plans, plus comments from the masses