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Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

I Just found this kind of "greatest hits" of Sarah Palin's embarassing interview moments. You will probably know most of it, but nevertheless it is pretty funny.

--Silke Haneborger 21:17, 3 November 2008 (CET)

US Presidential Election, 2008


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Here's the interactive Sarah Palin as President site:

Prank phone call with Sarah Palin (was on the news today):

Check out this edition of The Daily Show (Oct 29th) , which features Barack Obama by satellite.

Here is a video of Homer Simpson trying to vote for Obama:

Check out this episode of The Daily Show about McCain's "new, improved" stump speech:

Here's the latest in election humor:

Here is The Daily Show's analysis of voting behavior, in particular of "undecided" voters:

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Saturday Night Live has done a number of parodies of Sarah Palin which are priceless.. I would particularly recommend the following, but once you're on the site, just click on anything related to the election)

You have just got to see this Saturday Night Live Parody of Sarah Palin's interview with Kate Couric (for the original check out )

This is sure to have you in stitches!

And if you would like some help following Sarah Palin's speeches, try this:

THE ONION (The Onion is a satirical website that features articles, cartoons and video clips):

This one is about the voting machines that are used in national elections. During the 2004 election the president of the company assured Bush that the Republicans would win.

Reaction to Obama 'Yes we can' video( watch the video on McCain(?):

The Capitol Steps

The Capitol Steps is a group of Congressional aides that writes and sings political parodies of popular songs. You can download a 30 minute April 1st show from their website or the itunes store.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Colbert Report

Be sure to check out The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as the Colbert Report. (Both shows are on the Comedy Central website. ) There are often video excerpts from these shows on this site. There is an extra category called Indecision 2008, which has all the videos related to the upcoming election. In the US, the show is shown every day (hence, the name);

There is also a "The Daily Show: Global Edition" which is broadcast Friday and Saturday at 11:30 pm on CNN.

White House Correspondents Dinner 2006 with Stephen Colbert"

John McCain compares Obama with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton campaign ad/ response to John McCain