2007 BM1-A Introduction to Literature, Part 2

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  • Mo 14:00-16:00
  • A10-1-121a

This is a sub page of 2007 BM1 Introduction to Literature, Part 2

Session 1: A Poem (April 16, 2007)

Session conducted by Anna Auguscik

April 21, 2007: Group Reading of Richard III

Group reading of If you want to join a group reading of William Shakespeare, Richard III (1597). Download the original text (or read the Arden edition). If you join us you can facilitate our planning by registering under Current events#April 21, 2007: Richard III.

Session 2: Poetry and Poetics (April 23, 2007)

Work to be done for this session - read:

Please read these texts in the text base Anna provided - the copies offer the better editions.

Session 3: Poetry and Poetics: Speaking about Beautiful/Artful Language (April 30, 2007)

Where are the texts , we are supposed to read? I can`t find them 19:04, 27 April 2007 (CEST)

Session 4: Richard III, the Text - which Text (May 7, 2007)

Group Work, look into the Arden Text's editorial preface. Materials will be provided.

Session 5: Dramatic Structures, Dramatic Communication (May 14, 2007)

  • Homework: take the page of the folio-edition you have been handed out and compare the left hand column with the text of the first Quato-edition as given bellow.
  • Modify the Q1-Text till it reads as your passage of the Folio-text
  • Ignore variations of spelling and punctuation

Question: What kinds of variations did you notice in your personal piece of work? Were they improvments? PS: If you have problems to find your text in the Q1-edition, use our searchable html-edition at http://www.pierre-marteau.com/editions/1597-richard-iii.html

Session 6: Drama: Characters and Genre Aspects (May 21, 2007)

Assignment II given due Monday 4th, June 2007. See also our page Survive Assignments

Session 7: Drama and Fiction (June 4, 2007)

Session 8: Fiction 1 (June 11, 2007)

I handed back the assignments and spoke about the answers the different questions found. Click here for model solution.

We tried to discuss the two stories and Snoopy's grand novel (handout). Questions were: What is a novel? A short history of the words "novel" (dt. Roman), "Romance" (im deutschen ebenfalls Roman, je nach Kontext auch Romanze, Barockroman), "Novella" (dt. Novelle), "short story" (Kurzgeschichte), heroic/comic epic (dt. heroisches und komisches (Vers-)epos).

Why did the English and the Spanish introduce the word "novel" (which used to stand for what is now seen as the "novella") in order to speak of extended prose fictions? (This was the content of one of the Winter semester's lectures).

In order to speak about the narration/ the narrator's point of view, I began a debate of the content. The debate was finally suspended it will be continued with an additional look at:

Session 9: Fiction 2 (June 18, 2007)

Movie: Pulp Fiction (June 19, 2007)

The lecture room turned into a cinema: Pulp Fiction

Session 10: Film (June 25, 2007)

Session 11: Beyond the Canon 1 (July 2, 2007)

Session 12: Beyond the Canon 2 (July 9, 2007)

Session 13: Term Paper Projects (July 16, 2007)