Le Morte Darthur Book 10

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Capitulum i

Arthur wants to get to know Tristam's name and what it's all about with that shield and tells him to fight with him if he wouldn't do so. So they fight and Arthur gets hurt. That is the reason why Ywain gets wroth and wants to fight against Tristam, too. Then he gets hurt, too. Afterwards Tristam rides into a forest and comes to a castle where he sees 1 man fighting against 9 other men and in his opinions the man fighting on his own is Palomydes. Then he tells the others that it's not honourable to fight against only one person The one of them tells him to be Breunis Saume Pité and wants him to go away, but Tristam stays and helps the one man.

Capitulum ii

Then the two of them fight against the rest and Palomydes gets wounded. Then he thanks Tristam to have saved his life. Then follows a conversation about the fact that they are enemies to each other but it doesn't matter anymore up from now. Then they decide to meet in two weeks at a special place so that Palomydes gets the chance to fight against him without being wounded. Palomydes explains how he came into the fight against the 9 knights (he wanted to fight against Breunis Saume Pité, because he has slain the damsel that was under his will). Then they ride together further into the forest where they see a knight sleeping under a tree. As they wake him he starts to fight against them, so that that fall from there horses. Then he goes away. Afterwards Tristam wants to follow that knight but Palomydes needs some rest. So they decide to departe and ride different ways and to meet in two weeks.

Capitulum iii

So Tristram follows the knight and comes to a place where he sees a lady weeping on a dead corpus. Then she tells him that he has been slain by a knight that hates knights of Arthur. Then he asks for her husbands name and she tells him that is was Sir Galardoun. Then he continues riding and meets Gawayne and Bleoberys who tell him that they have been hurt by the same knight, too and Tristam tells them that he has met that knight, too. So Tristam decides to search him. As he rides away, he meets Sir Kay and Dinadam who tell him that have fought with that knight, too. After that conversation he rides away and finds a place to rest for six days.

Capitulum iv

Sir Tristam meets two knights who want to fight with him, but he doesn't want to, because he is afraid of getting wounded and not being able to fight against Palomydes in two days. So he tells them that he cannot fight against them, but they don't care and so they fight. Tristam is much better them so that the two of them fall off their horses and Tristam rides away. Then they follow him, because they want to fight against him again, but Tristam explains who he is and what the name of the knight is, he wants to fight with. Then they are very impressed and glad to have met Tristam, because he is a very good knight.

Capitulum v

Sir Tristam rides to the place where he wants to meet Palomydes (a long time ago Merlyn prognosticated that at that place the two best knights of Arthur's time would fight against each other) and then a knight appears and they fight against each other without knowing who they are. The Gouvernail and Launcelot's knave are very afraid of one of them could kill the other. Then Tristam and Lancelot tell each other their names and are very shocked and upset, because they admire each other very much. Then they go to Camelot, where they meet Sir Gawayne and Sir Gaheris.

Capitulum vi

Then they bring Sir Tristam to King Arthur's court and meet Arthur who is very happy that Tristam is back. Then Tristam tells him what happened and they talk about Lancelot who fought anonymous, because he didn't want to be identified as somebody from Arthur's court. Then King Arthur makes Tristam a knight of the Round Table and Tristam promises to stay there.

Capitulum vii

King Mark is very wroth about Tristam being that successful and that there is still so much love between him and Isolde. So he sends some scouts to find something out about what he is doing. Then Mark rides with two of his knights -Besules and Amant- to England. Then Mark asks a knight where to find Tristam and he tells him that he is in Camelot and known as a very good knight and why it is so. Then Mark tells his knights that he wants to kill Tristam, but they don't want to and so he kills Besules. Then Amant and the knave are very wroth and decide not to fight on Mark's side any longer and to tell Arthur about it.

Capitulum viii

  • king Mark rides until he comes to a fountain
  • there he rests and tries to decide whether to ride to Arthur's court or to return to his country
  • an armed knight on horseback approaches him
  • doesn't see Mark and begins to complain and wail about his love for the Queen of Orkeney (king Lot's wife, mother of Gawaine and Gahery)
  • king Mark goes to him and asks for his name
  • → Lamorak de Galys
  • Lamorak, who is not aware of who he is speaking to, says that it's a shame that such false knight like King Mark should get a lady as good as Beale Isoud
  • Mark asks him for tidings
  • L. tells him about a tournament beside Camelot at the castle of Iagent
  • Sir Dynadan approaches, recognizes Mark as being from Cornwall, but not that he is the king himself, so he blames him for being loyal to king Mark
  • "The knights of Cornwaile are no men of worship"
  • They fight and Mark looses miserably
  • All three ride away together

Capitulum ix

  • they ride until they arrive at a bridge, at its end there is a tower
  • they see an armed knight on horseback
  • Dynadan sees two brothers 1. hight Alein 2. Trian
  • They will fight everyone who wants to pass the bridge
  • D. advises Mark to fight
  • He fights Trian and passes through
  • Then the three come to a castle (of Sir Tor le Fise Aries)
  • Knights of the castle welcome them
  • Hight Berlus recognizes Mark, as he has slain his father
  • But for the love of his king he doesn't hurt him or the others
  • Nevertheless he seeks for revenge

Capitulum x

  • Lamorak and Dynadan are sorry of his fellowship (Mark's)
  • Mark and D. ride off the next morning
  • They meet three knights (Berlus and his cousins)
  • D. advises Berlus not to harm M. because they have to ride to Arthur
  • They throw each other off their saddles
  • Great battle, D. still on horse, but the men on the ground are able to keep up well
  • When Mark is about to kill Berlus, D. rescues him
  • Berlus is badly wounded
  • They continue their journey
  • They come to another bridge, once again there stands a knight at its end who is ready to fight
  • They smote together, Dynadan is thrown to earth
  • He gets up and demands a swordfight
  • Knight lets them pass the bridge
  • D. recognizes the knight as being Sir Tor

Capitulum xi

  • Mark begins to mock D.
  • D. says that king Mark is not one of the best knights and challenges him to prove his strength
  • Mark refuses, but begs D. not to identify him at Arthur's court (b/c he is hated so much)
  • Dynadan calls him a coward and a murderer
  • They meet another knight and lodge with him
  • D. asks him about the name of the "bridge-knight"
  • → he confirms what Dynadan has already thought → Sir Tor
  • Six knights approach
  • Dynadan tells Mark that they probably want to fight
  • Mark is afraid b/c of the superior number and bails, again not being very brave, which proves general opinion of all others who accuse him of being a weak coward
  • Surprisingly, the six knights welcome Dynadan

Capitulum xii

  • They ask him about Tristram and Lancelot
  • Unfortunately D. can't tell them anything
  • Then they ask him about the knight that was with him
  • → he answers them that he is a knight of Cornwall, admits that he is a coward, but doesn't tell them his name, like he has promised
  • Together they ride to a castle
  • Sir Griflet enters, is also asked about T. and L.
  • Doesn't know anything either
  • Dynadan goes out for a walk and discovers hidden Mark
  • M. asks D. how he was able to escape
  • D. says he didn't have to gat away as it turned out that the knights are good friends and of Lancelot's fellowship
  • → Which is not true, but he wants to frighten M.
  • M. wants D. to ride in his fellowship, D. does not want to because he let him down earlier (when he rode away from the six approaching knights)
  • D. departs from Mark
  • Dagonet appears → Arthur's fool
  • Dynadan and Knights disguise him and dress him up like Lancelot
  • Dynadan has told Mark that Lancelot looks like Sir Mordred (who is among the knights) so that they can give Dagonet his shield etc. which will make Mark to believe in the "false Lancelot"
  • They ride to woodside
  • Mark appears
  • Dagonet challenges him, M. thinks that he is Lancelot and is therefore sure of his own failure
  • Mark tries to escape which leads to a chase through the woods
  • Great laughter for six knights and Dynadan
  • Then they follow them b/c they want to make sure that nothing happens to Dagonet (as Arthur is very fond of him)

Capitulum xiii

  • nevertheless Dagonet is killed (or wounded) by another knight they meet
  • Sir Brandiles approaches
  • Other knight smotes him
  • Uwayne and Ozana as well
  • Gryflet wants to find out who he is, thinks it is Lamorak
  • Knight does not reaveal his identity, only lets them know that he is not of Athur's court
  • Agravayne considers him to be one of the strongest knights
  • He (knight) smotes them all
  • Dynadan is left as he is the last that followed the group, Mordred as well b/c he is unarmed
  • Strong knight rides away, Mark along with him
  • Knight calls a varlet to him
  • He should recommend him to Lady of the Castle and bring food
  • "tell her I am the knight that follows the beast"
  • His name is revealed → Sir Palomides
  • Varlet is ordered not to tell name
  • They rest in castle, Mark falls asleep, Palomides takes his horse and rides away
  • Reason: "I'll not be in company of a sleeping knight"

Capitulum xiv

  • Dynadan and Mark ride after Palomides → but separate plots
  • Knight descends off his horse===
  • Plot change: Dynadan
  • Rides to seek Palomides
  • When he comes into forest he meets a hunter
  • Hears doleful noise → knight that stands under a tree
  • Complains about La Beale Isoud, Queen of Cornwaile
  • Says that falsest king and knight is her husband and the most coward is her lord, which is king Mark===
  • Plots come together again, since both Dynadan and Mark are in the same place with Palomides
  • Mark overhears what Palomides says
  • M. asks Dynadan not to tell P. his name
  • King Mark withdraws and rides unto Camelot
  • There he meets knight Amant
  • King commands them to battle
  • Mark smotes Amant through body
  • M. takes Amant's horse and departs from the court

Capitulum xv

  • Amant asks a demosel to recommend him unto Isoud
  • Also tells this woman how cowardly Mark has slain him
  • Lancelot espies Tristram
  • L. asks Arthur to let him go after king Mark, but Arthur does not want Lancelot to kill M.
  • However, Lancelot rides after him and when he catches him he advises him to come back to Arthur's court
  • Mark is ready to fight but when he realizes that it is Lancelot, he goes down on his knees and begs for mercy
  • L. brings M. to Arthur
  • Arthur says that he should do him service and homage even though he is a destroyer of his (A's) knights
  • King Mark apparently wants to make up for that and promises himself to Arthur
  • → note to reader: fair speaker, but false===

Capitulum xvi

  • Plot change: to Palomides
  • He is comforted by Dynadan
  • They don't know each others names
  • P. tells Dynadan that he is led by fortune
  • Dynadan asks him about Tristram
  • Palomides tells him that T. has rescued him
  • They wanted to meet at Merlin's grave beside Camelot
  • But he (Palomides) couldn't make it b/c he was in prison
  • D. tells P. that on this day it was Lancelot that met with Tristram
  • → there they had the most mightiest battle of all where lots of blood was lost
  • Lancelot and Tristram became friends (after the battle had continued for a very long time) since nobody could tell who was the better knight
  • Tristram then was made knight of the round table
  • Dynadan asks Palomides about his name and that he'll accompany him to Camelot
  • → tournament there
  • P. states that he wants to go there only because of Beale Isoud, stresses that he will not fight

Capitulum xvii

  • On their way they come to Morgan le Fay's Castle
  • D. tells Palomides about her making war on Arthur (even though she is his sister) and that no one is allowed to pass this way without jousting
  • If Arthur's knight are beaten he shall be prisoner
  • P. points out that this is a shameful custom
  • A knight with a red shield approaches them, two squires after him
  • It is revealed that this is Sir Lamorak (but only to reader)
  • Warns them not to have ado with anyone from that castle
  • Several knight come out of the castle, Lamorak smotes them all
  • Palomides admires Lamorak's power/skills that are supposedly even greater than Lancelot's and Tristram`s

Capitulum xvii

  • another knight of the castle comes out and is smitten
  • P. wants to joust, but is also smitten by Lamorak, Palomides is thrown off his saddle
  • L. smotes Dynadan, even though he does not want to fight with Lamorak
  • L. jousts with seven more knights, makes them swear on cross of sword that they'll never use the evil customs of this castle
  • Then Palomides and Dynadan continue their ride
  • Lamorak departs as well
  • P. wants to ride after him to get revenge for his great shame
  • Dynadan tells him not to
  • P. meets him in a valley beside a fountain

Capitulum xix

  • Lamorak gets ready to joust, but P. says that he does not want to and tells him what he has intended===
  • Goes down on his feet and pulls out sword, Red Shield knight (Lamorak, which they still do not know) does the same
  • They lash together in soft pace
  • "they cut in down half their swords"
  • P. faints b/c of his first wound that he got earlier at the castle
  • They tell each other their names
  • Lamorak → under king Pellinore and Sir Tor (half brothers)
  • When he hears this, Palomides knees down and asks for mercy
  • L. embraces him and says they should fight together
  • They swear each other loyalty, squires stop their wounds

Capitulum xx

  • Sir Ganis and Sir Brandiles arriving at Arthur's court
  • they tell the story of Dagonet, king Mark and the strong knight
  • all laugh at M and D
  • about the knight it is repeated that he calls himself "the knight that follows the questing beast"
  • plot change: Back to Lamorak, Palomides and Dynadan
  • they see a castle and knight hight Galahalt (lord of castle), make great cheer
  • they tell him their plan to ride to Arthur's court, P. will not go b/c wounded so badly
  • L. wants to stay with him
  • D. wants to see Tristram, P. realizes that Dynadan is loyal to his mortal enemy
  • asks how he should trust him from now on
  • D. arrives at Camelot → gentle, wise, courteous, good knight
  • King asks D. to tell him about his adventures
  • Arthur can hardly believe what he hears about Lamorak's power
  • He wants him to come to court

Capitulum xxi

  • Arthur sees a knight and two squires come out of a forest side
  • They discover that it is the "knight with the red shield"
  • (he had covered up his shield, but fell off)
  • Arthur admits that he is probably the best fighter he has ever seen (after he overthrew some more knights)
  • Smotes Sir Gawain
  • Tristram tells Arthur that his name is Sir Lamorak
  • L. smotes down 20 knights → incomparable knight
  • L. goes back into forest
  • Arthur, Lancelot, Tristram and Dynadan follow him
  • They find him, Lamorak salutes Arthur and hugs Tristram
  • King is glad, also fellowship of round table, except Sir Gawain
  • → he despises Lamorak b/c he dishonoured him
  • So Gawain meets with his brothers and plans revenge, also b/c his father has slain their father→ king of Orkeney (so they think)

Capitulum xxii

  • Arthur demands a gift from Mark
  • Which is that he should be a good Lord unto Tristram
  • He should take him to Cornwall and let him see his friends
  • Arthur wants to forgive him all the evil he has done and makes him swear on a book
  • → Mark is false though
  • → foreshadowing that he'll put Tristram into prison and cowardly would have slain him, round table knights are aware of that
  • Therefore Lancelot goes to Mark and warns him not to harm anyone, otherwise he would slay him

Capitulum xxiii

  • introduction
  • Tor is Lamorak`s brother
  • King Pellinore is father, Aryes is mother
  • Also Domar and Percival brothers of Lamorak===
  • So Mark and Tristram leave the court, great sorrow of those who left behind
  • Then a knight with a young squire comes to court
  • Goes to king and requires him to make the squire a knight for he is the son of Pellinore and brother to Lamorak
  • Arthur agrees to do so the next day
  • So young squire is made a knight, but they all think that he still has to prove himself
  • At dinner they sit him between mean knights
  • Then a maiden comes to him (she is introduced as being very dumb and that she never speaks a word)
  • The girl takes him by her hand and advises him to go with her
  • She brings him to the right side of the Siege Perilous (?)
  • "fair knight, take here thy siege"
  • She departs and goes to a priest, she is confessed and houselled
  • Then she dies

Capitulum xxvj

King Mark tries to sow dissent between King Arthur, Guenever, and Lancelot by sending them letters.

Capitulum xxvii

They see through that attempt and get very angry. Sir Dynadan reciprocates by composing a satirical lay about King Mark and sending Elyot the harper to Cornwall to sing it.

Capitulum xxviii

Capitulum ixxx

Sir Elyas of Sessoyne leads an invading army into Cornwall. King Mark finally has to ask the wounded Sir Tristram for aid.

Capitulum xxx

Sir Tristram defeats Elyas in a duel.

Capitulum xxxi

During the victory celebration in Cornwall, Elyas the harper arrives and infuriates King Mark by singing Sir Dynadan's lay.

Capitulum xxxii

Saracens invade Cornwall; King Mark's brother, Prince Boudwyn, defeats them. King Mark, furious at the admiration Prince Boudwyn reaped, murders him with a dagger - in front of Boudwyn's wife, Lady Anglydes.

Capitulum xxxiii

Anglydes flees with her boy, Alysander le Orphelyn. King Mark, who wants to see the boy dead as well, sends Sir Sadok after them. Sadok defies his king in secret and helps them escape, though.

Capitulum xxxiv-xv

Alysander grows up and becomes a knight. His mother tells him of his father's fate and charges him to take revenge on King Mark. King Mark finally hears that Alysander is still alive. Enraged, he accuses Sir Sadok of treason; Sadok, however, successfully fights his way out of the castle. King Mark calls Morgan le Fay and dangerous knights like Sir Malgryn Breuse to help.

Capitulum xxxvi

Alysander, after winning a big joust and killing Sir Malgryn, falls into Morgan le Fay's clutches.

Capitulum xvii

Morgan le Fay heals Alysander's wounds in her castle, but tricks him into an oath to not leave the castle for a year and a day.

Capitulum xviii

A damsel reveals Morgan le Fay's true plans to Alysander (i.e., keep him in the castle for her pleasure), and offers to help him (in return for his love).

Capitulum ixl

The damsel's uncle destroys the castle, while the damsel helps Alysander to escape that destruction.

Now free of Morgan le Fay, Alysander still has to honour his oath and stay in the ruined castle until the rest of the year and the day has passed. He defends the ruins against many passing knights, and falls in love with Alys la beale pilgrim. After the end of the year and the day, he has forgotten about his oath of revenge. Alys bears him a son, Bellengerus le Beuse. King Mark, however, did not forget about Alysander, and has him killed by treason. Much later, Bellengerus becomes a knight and takes revenge on King Mark.

Capitulum xl

Sir Galahalt holds an eight day long joust in Surluse. All except Arthur and Tristram take part.

Capitulum xli

On day 1, Sir Palamydes kills Sir Goneryes on behalf of a damsel. Galahalt declares, however, that the knight who defeats Sir Palamydes may claim the damsel for himself.

Capitulum xlii

On day 2, Sir Galahalt tries his luck against Sir Palamydes, but fails. In the evening, Sir Palamydes kills Sir Archade, Goneryes' brother.

Capitulum xliiij

On day 3, Sir Lamorak (in disguise) barely manages to beat Sir Palamydes, and then reveals himself.

Capitulum xlv

Fourth day of tournament. Sire Lamorak wins the praise of the day against 30 knights, helped by Lancelot and King Bagdemagus.

Capitulum xlvj

Fifth day of tournament. Lamorak safes "thre brethren of sir gawayns" from being dishonoured in iuste by Palomydes, for the sake of Arthur being of their kin.

Capitulum xlvij

Palomydes fights Corsabryn for a damoysels sake, and wins. Dynadan fights well at iustes, but is smitten of his horse by Lancelot, at the bidding of Sir Galahalt, in order to make fun of him.

Capitulum xlviij

Sixth day of tournament. Lamorak fights in anger to safe his two brothers and wins. At dinner Dynadan provocates Sir Galahalt, complaining that he will never succeed at tornament as long as Lancelot is put against him on purpose.

Capitulum xlix

Seventh day of tournament. Against his own promise Lancelot attacks Dynadan diguised as a woman. As a result everybody laughs about Dynadan. The prices of the tournament were given 1. to Lancelot, 2. to Lamorak, 3. to Palomydes and 4. to King Bagdemagus.

Capitulum l

King Mark sends Tristram in disguise (without coat of arms) to a tournament in Cornwall were Galahalt and King Bagdemagus conspire to kill Lancelot. Because of Tristram's disguise he is taken to be Lancelot and therefore is attacked by many knights. Tristram survives through his own strength, but is hurt. King Mark then deceives Tristram and puts him into prison. As a result of this, Isoud raises King Marks own knights against him.

Capitulum lj

Mark tries to deceive Tristram into going on a cruisade with faked letters from the pope, but fails. Instead Percyvale delivers Tristram from prison. In breaking his own oath not to do so King Mark puts Tristram into prison again by force. This time Sadok and Dynas put King Mark into prison and Tristram and Isoud escape by ship.

Capitulum lij

Tristram takes part in tournament where he meets Lancelot and is given a castle by him. Because Tristram is now close to King Arthur he announces a great tournament in which all kingdoms of the British isles are to take part.

Capitulum liij

Tristram meets Breuse and Palomydes at a well. Sir Bleoberys wins against Palomydes and then chases Breuse, who is false knight. Breuse manages to engage three other knights that he runs into on his flight to defend him. After some fuss the thre knights, Ector, Percyvale and Harre find out that Breuse is the "bad guy", but Breuse escapes.

Capitulum liiij

Palomydes hates Bleoberys now (see chapter before). Parcyvale hears from Palomydes about his brother's, Lamorak's, death, caused by Sir Gawayne and his brothers.

Capitulum lv

a.) Tristram meets Dynadan as he is hunting in the woods. They discuss whether a lover is the better knight or those that do not love a lady. As they discuss sir Epynegrys rides along who is known to love a woman too. Dynadan challenges Epynegrys to iuste with him to proof that he, not being a lover, is the better knight. Dynadan looses and parts from Tristram disgruntled. b.) Tristram then rides home to Ioyous Gard (his castle) and finds that two knights, Agravayne and Gaherys, have slain one of his knights. Tristram beats both of the in battle twice and leaves them.

Capitulum lvj

Tristram tells Isoud about Dynadans attitude towards love, and she invites Dynadan to lodge in their castle, which he does without meeting Tristram whom he searches.

Capitulum lvij

Tristram and Dynadan meet on the road (on their way to the tournament in Lona?ep) and iuste. Tristram misses on purpose and pretends to put himself under the protection of Dynadan. They ride on together and meet Sir Gareth. Dynadan looses against him in iuste and as they recognise each other they, the three of them, ride on together. Then they meet another knight who hits Gareth out of his saddle. Dynadan refuses to revenge Gareth as he sees the strength of that other knight. Tristram fights him instead and wins. It turns out that other knight is Palomydes and being defeated by Tristram he surrenders to him. Now all for ride on together acknowledging Tristram as their superior.


Marriage & Fidelity (characteristics of Men & Women)

Men fight about/for women p. 350

Women comfort men p. 351

Cannot fight for their rights, but need Men for that p. 353

women as counsellor

isoud arms Tristan (helm) p. 367

Violence (legitimate/illegitimate)

to defend women (is good) p. 353

Family ties

Allies in fighting (good and evil) p. 352

more important than justice p. 352, p.365

History vs. fiction

Christianity, miracles and heathenism

"a stinke of his body whan the soule departed" p. 353

Christianity: Baptism as something that gives value to a person p. 354


strong at fighting p. 350, p.351,

to stay on your horse p. 354

Cheating honourable (Lancelot disguised) p. 355+356

Conspiracy is not honourable p. 356

But stealing bell Isolde is? p. 356 ff

Dishonourable is hitting a knight lying on the ground p. 362

Or riding over him p. 363

Or fighting with many against one p. 363


King Arthur

Sir Lamorak

Sir Lancelot

King Bagdemagus

Sir Palomydes

Sir Gaweyn

Sir Corsamyn

minor character

Sir Dynadan a joker and song writer, well beloved, but also contintually mocked and laughed at

Sir Galahalt

King Mark Isoud's husband, tries to kill Tristram by treason

Sir Tristram

La beale Isoud

Sir Percyvale

Sir Sadok King Marks Knight, helps Tristram and Isoud

Sir Dynas King Marks Knight, helps Tristram and Isoud

Sir Breuse a false knight, minor character

Sir Bleoberys

Sir Ector

Sir Harre

Sir Epynegrys

Sir Gareth good Brother of Sir Gawayn, nephew of King Arthur

Sir Agravayne evil Brother of Sir Gawayn, nephew of King Arthur

Sir Gaherys evil Brother of Sir Gawayn, nephew of King Arthur

Capitulum LIX

Palomydes suggests that they (Tristram, Palomydes, Dynadan & Gareth) should stay together and fight against all other knights of the tournament of Lonachep, but T warns him not to be too selfconfident. They find King Harmaunce, lying dead in a ship. A letter the dead king holds in his hands sais that the death of the king has to be revenged by the one who reads the letter. T does not want to take that quest bc of the tournament. P beggs T to let him takt that quest. T agrees under the condition that P will be back in 7 days to join the tournament in time.

Capitulum LX

P sails away with the ship, the left 3 take off. They meet Berraunt le apres (King with the 100 knights) and Sir Segwarydes. Dynadan wears the helmet of T. King Berraunt has given this helmet to the Quene of Northgalys and she gave it to Quene la Beale Isoud, who has given the helmet to T. Now King Berraunt wants fights D bc he thinks D stole the helmet. After some fighting Berraunt and Segwarydes are defeated and the 3 ride to the castel of Quene la Beale Isoud.

Capitulum LXI

Plotchange to Palomydes P gets off the ship and comes to a castle where great sorrow is made for the dead king he seeks revenge for. Sir Ebel tells him the story that the King was betrayed by 2 of his followers and was slayn during hunting at some well (sounds very much likt the death of siegfried in the Niebelungen-Saga).

Capitulum LXII

The one who will revenge the death of the King will receive all his land and gread worship. P rides to the red city to slay the 2 betrayers. On his way he has to fight a knight who wants to take P's quest as well.

Capitulum LXIII

He - Sir Hermynde - is defeated and turns out to be the brother of dead king Hermaunce and cousin of Sir Lamorak. P tells him that Lamorak was defeated by him and his 3 fellows. Sir Hermynde knows and sends a messenger to the betrayers - Helyus & Helake - to announce that P wants to fight them.

Capitulum LXIV

P defeats the 2 brothers after a longlasting fight. The townspeople are very happy about that and want to give P all their goods. P however takes off to get to the tournament of Lonachep in time. He meets his fellows at Ioyous.

Capitulum LXV

Tristram and P go for a ride in the woods, unarmed. They meet a knight who asks them for their name. Bc they wouldn't tell him he wants to kill them but P defeats him. They unamrm him and leave him. Another knight (Sir Epynogrys) asks them if they saw a knight who accuses the other knight (Sir Breuse) to be the falses knight on earth. T & P tell him where he is. They get to the castel of Quene la Bela Isoud and ride with her to the tournament of Lonachep. On their ride the encounter Sir Galyhodyn (cousin of Sir Galahat) , along with 20 knights, who wants to take their Lady.

Capitulum LXVI

They fight and of course T & P beat them. After the battle they cross their way with Sir Gawayne, Sir Vwayne, Sir Sagramor le desyrus and Dodynas le saueage P fights the on his own and overcomes them. At the tournament a hornblow indicates that all the knights shoud return to their natural lord to receive instructions who they will be fighting for. All the kings agreed to help each other against King Arthur bc he has the greatest knights.

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And whanne he came in to the caſtel / ſir Dynadan herd a grete horne blowe / & to the horne drewe many Knyghtes / Thenne ſire Triſtram aſked a Knyght what meaneth the blaſt of that horne / Sir ſaid that Knyght it is alle tho that ſhalle holde ageynſt kyng Arthur at this turnement / The fyrſte is the kynge of Irland / & the Kynge of Surluſe / the Kynge as Lyſtynoyſe / the kyng of Northumberland / and the kynge of the beſt parte of Walys / with many other countreyes / and theſe drawe them to a counceylle to vnderſtande what gouernaunce they ſhalle be of / but the Kynge of Irland whos name was Marhalt and fader to the good knyghte ſir Marhaus that ſire Triſtram ſlewe had alle the ſpeche that ſir Triſtram myghte here it / He ſaid lordes and felawes lete vs loke to our ſelf / for wete ye wel Kynge Arthur is ſure of many good Knyghtes / or els he wold not with ſoo fewe knyghtes haue adoo with vs / therfore by my counceyl lete euery Kynge haue a ſtandard and a cognoiſſaunce by hym ſelf that euery knyghte drawe to their naturel lord and thenne maye euery Kyng and capytayne helpe his knyჳtes yf they haue nede

T rides to King Arthur to receive his instructions.

Capitulum LXVII

Before him Gawayne ans Glayhodyn talk to King Arthur about their fight with Tristram and Palomydes. When T arrives he is asked for his name but T wouldn't tell them and takes off again. Gryflet rides after him an begs him to talk to KA. T agrees under the condition that he is not urged to tell his name. KA asks T what side he will fight on but T wants to choos his side on the battlefield. The tournament begins

Tristram, Palomydes, Gareth and Dynadan are dressed in green. Gareth is the first to fight Sir Selyses but the fight only ended in a tie.

Capitulum LXVIII

Palomydes suggests that they should fight against the kights of King Arthur bc he has the best knight, hence they would win more worship if they are able to beat them. KA sees T & P fight but does not recognize them. Anyway he is very fond of them.

Capitulum LXIX

The 4 defeat lots of King Arthurs knights so KA deciedes to fight them directly: Lancelot vs. Tristram; Bleoberys vs. Palomydes; Ector vs. Gareth & KA vs. Dynadan. All of the 4 are thrown off their horses by KA & his knights. The King of Northangalys offers T his hore, who then throws KA off his horse and offers this horse to the King of Northgalys. T rides away and changes into red armory and harneis.

Capitulum LXX

T mounts his fellows back on their horses but remains unrecognized (the battle with KA seems to be over though). Quene la Bela Isoud is very happy that T is fighting again. P sees her cheer and suddenly is so full of love for her, that he wins every battle of the day. He then is rewarded best knight of the day. Lancelot sees this and challanges P. P however manages to kill L horse, what is considered to be exaggerated deed since on a tournament the knights are not supposed to kill.

Capitulum LXXI

Lancelot takes P to task for his deed bc never has a knight dishonored him greater at a tournament. P however doesn't want to fight anymore bc he is too tired and prays for mercy which L grants him. From now on P will be under L's will. L knows why P fought so good and advises him not to show Tristram his love for Quene la Bela Isoud. The fighting continous and both sides suffer many losses. L, T & P however spare each other. After the fighting all partys are astonished by the fighting of P.

Capitulum LXXII

Dynadan calls Tristram a coward bc he didn't fight good at this day. T replys that only Launcelot was able to defeat him, who he considers to be the best knight living (he is to ouer good for ony knyght that now is lyuynge / and yet of his ſufferaunce largeſſe / bounte / and curtoſy I calle hym knyght pyerles). P once again underlines that from now on he is Lancelots knight.

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But alle kynges lordes and knyghtes ſayd of clere knyghthode / & of pure ſtrengthe / of bounte / of curtoſye / ſyr Launcelot and ſir Triſtram bare the pryce aboue alle knyghtes that euer were in Arthur dayes / And there were neuer knyghtes in Arthurs dayes dyd half ſoo many dedes as they dyd / as the book ſayth / no ten knyghtes dyd not half the dedes that they dyd & there was neuer knyghte in their dayes that requyred ſir launcelot or ſire Triſtram of ony queſt ſoo hit were not to theyre ſhame but they performed their deſyre

Capitulum LXXIII

Tristram and Palomydes take off with Quene la Bela Isoud. King Arthur and Lancelot watch them and KA asks who that lady might be. L tells him and KA wants to meet her, so they follow them. When KA comes to the place and wants to talk to the Quene. P asks him what he wants (KA looks like a normal knight) and attaks him to defend his lady. He throws KA off his horse but is himself thrown off his horse by L. KA & L leave and T blames P for his deeds bc this "knight" was King Arthur.

Capitulum lxxiiij

A horn is blown to signal the start of the iustes. Sir Uwayne the king´s son Ureyn and Sir Lucanere de buttelere begin on this second day. Sir Uwayne beats the son of the king of Scotland. Sir Lucanere rides against the king of Wales, both break their spears and fall to the earth.

Then, the knoghts of Dorkeneye horse against Sir Lucanere. Tristram de Lyones enters the scene and smites down Sir Uwayne while Sir Lucanere, Sir Paloydes and Sir Gareth beat two knights each. Arthur comments admiiringly on the efforts of these three knights with the emphasis on Sir Tristram. Luancelot replies that more meveillous deeds are to be expected from that knight as he did not even begin yet. The son of the Duke of Orkeney enters, many “deeds of armes” follow.

When asked by Tristram about his condition, Palomydes feigns weariness from the past day in order to avoid rifding with him. Instead, Palomydes fights with the knights of Dorkeneye retaining the upper hand constantly.

Upon seeing this, Tristram assumes Palomydes got weary of his company. Gareth informs him that Palomydes´ true motivitation is to win the cheer of the day from Tristram.

then increases his efforts, beating all the knights of Orkeneye.

Launcelot points this out to King Arthur who agrees never having seen a better knight. Hearing the noise and cheers turning to wards Tristram, Palomydes observes him. Weeping out of frustration he recognizes he cannot possiblyx outdo Sir Tristram.

Capitulum lxxv

King Arthur and the king of Nortgalys appear. Sir Launcelot du lake, Sir Bleoberis and Sir Bors de Ganys ride to the field., beating the king of Walys and the King of the Scotland. Who then leave the field. Sir Tristram and Sir Gareth, though, remain there fighting to the amazement of all. By the commandment of Sir Launcelot they are stopped (?).

Arthur asks Launcelot if that fine knight would be Palomydes which Launcelot denies, pointing out that Palomydes would do little to nothing while Tristram would be the knight supposedly beating all other knights out of the field. Arthjur comcludes that Palomydes is a fool who never can rise to the status of Tristram.

During that conversation, Tristram leaves the field under the eyes of both La Beale Isoud as well as Palomydes.

Arriving at his pavellion, Tristram awakes Dynadan to return with him to the field. Dynadan is amazed by the bruises on Tristram´s shield and helmet. Tristram changes his harness to a black one, Dynadan wonders what makes his comrade so “wild” this days whereas Tristram just smiles. All this is observed by both Palomydes and La Beale Isoud independently from eachother.

Capitulum lxxvj

Seeing that Tristram disguises himself he decides to do the same and borrows the ilver coloured armour and shield from a wounded knight. They meet in the field and Palomydes rides against Tristram who is surprised by the force of that knight, getting angry out of fear of using up his power against that knight. La Beale Isoud observes this, cying due to the spitefulness of Palomydes and finally faints. Sir Launcelot and the knights of Orkeney enter the scene. Seein how well the kinght with the black harness fights they tell Launcelot to battle with him. Tristram and Launcelot then fight for a long time until Dynadan tells Gareth who the person in the black arnour actually is. They decide to smite Launcelot down in order to turn possible shame away from the weakened Tristram. As Launcelot lies on the ground, the disguised Palomydes smites Dynadan from his horse who is then attacked by Launcelot. Then, Palomydes turns to Tristram but is overcome by him who then runs to defend Dynadan from Launcelots strokes. Dynadan manages to get Tristram´s horse and then adresses himself to his master loudly enough so that Launcelot can hear it. As a result the fight is stopped now that Launcelot know he was duelling with. Tristram is declared the best knight of the day.

Capitulum lxxvij

All return to their pavillions. Ouene Isound is outraged by the behaviour of Sir Palomydes while Tristram, Dynades and Gareth have no idea of what he did. Still disguised, he travels with the group until Tristram asks him to leave this fellowship which he denies. Only then, Tristram knows that Palomydes is actually the knight with the silver shield.

An argument arises, Tristram finally forgives Palomydes.

Upon seeing Palomydes, Isoud gets so obviously enraged that Trsitram asks for the reason of her discontentment whereas she tells him how she observed Palomydes treason. He denies that he purposefully attacked Tristram.. Nevertheless, he gives him pardon. Isoud falls silent then.

Capitulum lxxviij

Two knights appear at Tristram´s pavellion who prove to be King Arthur and Sir Launcelot du lac. All sit at the table, conversing. The conversatuion turns on the all of the whole Iustes and finally on the kinght with the silver shield. Tristram mention it was Sir Palomydes which surprises King arthur very much, deeming the whole thing as unknightly. Palomydes again denies having attacvked tristram knowing it was him. After all have departed, Palomydes lies awake all night, weeping, full of envy. As Tristram, Gareth and Dynadan rise up the next morning they find Palomydes still sleepng in his chamber, his cheeks reddened by tears. Tristram tells his fellows not to mention a thing as he knows Palomydes is aggrieved.

Capitulum lxxix

After the horn signal Tristram and Palomydes ride again to the field. Palomydes encounters Sir Kaynus le straunge and beats him, another knight and then fights with his sword. The crowd begins to cheer to him, whereupon Arthur mentions that it would seem to him that Palomydes is a fairly good knight.

Right at that moment Sir Tristram begins his round, fighting and beating Sir Kay the Seneschall, three more knights with the swame spear and then more with his sword.The cheer is now upon him with Palomydes being forgotten. Launcelot points out that Tristram would be a good knight. Whereas Palomydes is motivated by envy and the desire to surpass Tristram, the latter one is driven by pure knighthood.

Also Dynadan and Garath fare well on th field, earning positive remarks from Arthur.

Then, Arthur and Launcelot themselves ride into battle.

Unknowingly, Tristram smites down King Arthur who is in turn rescued by Launcelot who is then taken down from his horse. Defending his king from the kinghts of the kings of Scotland and Wales. Sir Ector attacks Sir Palomydes, striking him down. He then brings a horse for Launcelot which gets taken by Palomydes, though.

Another horse is brought to him by Sir Ector, afterwards he priceeds to smite down four more knights in order to bring the best one to his king.

The fight continues, Launcelet being attributed with striking or pulling down thirts knights. Tristram, upon seeing the deeds of the kights of King Arthur and especially Launcelot, is very impressed.

Capitulum lxxx

Tristram calls Sir Palomydes, Syr Gareth and ir Dynadan to him, disclosing he will turn to Arthur´s party – while Gareth and Dynades agree, Palomydes refuses to do so.

Launcelot smites down the Kings of Ireland, Scotland and Wales to the earth. King Arthur strikes Palomydes to the ground.. Sir Tristram defeats every opponent he meets and also Dynadan and Gareth fare well. The opposing party then flees.

Palomydes withdraws himself to a well and weeps.

Among the party of Arthur the price of the greatest acievements during the fight is split between Launcelot and Tristram, all return to their pavillions afterwards.

The fleeing kings of Scotland and Wales take the distressed Palomydes with them. Lter. He shows up at Tristram´s pavillion, warning him and calling him a traitor. The knights of the table round ride towards Camelot, Palomydes rides with the two kings.