Le Morte Darthur Book 6

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Capitulum i

After Arthur’s return from Rome, Lancelot du Lake excels in his Lord’s tournaments and is regarded as queen Qwenever´s favourite. At long last, Lancelot leaves to seek adventures together with Sir Lionel, his nephew. After riding a while, Lancelot goes to sleep under an apple tree, while Lionel watches over him. He sees a strong knight, who overwhelms three others and challenges him, without wakening Lancelot first. He, too, must submit, is taken to the knight’s castle, tortured (beaten with thorns) and imprisoned.

Capitulum ii

Enter Sir Hector, who leaves Arthur’s court, to seek Lancelot and his brother Lionel. He meets a game–keeper, who tells him of a strange tree covered with shields. On the very same tree, Hector recognizes his brother’s shield and thinks him dead. He challenges the strong knight, by banging on something, which works like a bell. They fight, Hector is able to wound the strong knight, but is captured, tortured and meets his brother in the knight’s dungeon.

Capitulum iii

Sir Lancelot sleeps on. Along comes Morgan le fay, three other queens and four knights. They recognize Lancelot, the hero of the tournaments, and want his love. So Morgan le fay casts a spell on him, brings him to her castle, where she asks him (on the next day) to choose one queen as a lover (not unlike the judgement of Paris, I thought) and forswear queen Qwenever. Lancelot refuses the offer very politely.

Capitulum iv

Sir Lancelot escapes with the help of a maiden, the daughter of king Bagdemagus, after promising her to fight with her father in next Tuesday’s tournament. He promises to meet them at an abbey. He gets lost in a forest, finds a pavilion and sleeps there until

Capitulum v

Sir Belleus wakens him by mistaking Lancelot for his lover and kisses him. They fight. Lancelot wounds the other man badly and is sorry. Belleus´ lover comes and “wails awey” and presses the promise out of Lancelot, that he will do his utmost to promote Belleus on Arthur’s round table.

Capitulum vi

Lancelot meets king Bagdemagus and his daughter at the abbey and renews his promise of support, but asks for three more knights to help him defeat Bagdegamus´ enemy at the tournament. Furthermore he asks for a white shield (which the other knights are supposed to wear as well) to stay annonymous, because he has to fight knights of the Table Round. It is settled and they fight (the four knights with white shields, including Lancelot, plus Bagdegamus and his 40(?) men).

Capitulum vii

They overcome the enemy and Lancelot leaves to search for Lyonel. He meets a Lady who leads him to Turquyne who has captured Lyonel. When Lancelot encounters Turquene, he sees Gaherys (Brother of Gawayn) tied up on Turquenes horse. Of course Lancelot challanges him.

Capitulum viii

During the long lasting fight they pause because Turquene seeks Lancelots friendship. Turquene tells him that the only one he could never be friends with is the knight that slew his brother - Lancelot. So Lancelot reveales his identity and they continue fighting.

Capitulum ix

Not surprisingly Lancelot slays Turquene and unties Gaherys, who is ordered to free the prisoners in the castel. They hold a feast at the castel but 4 knights leave to search for Lancelot.

Capitulum x

The Lady tells Lancelot that a bad knight is terrorizing all the women in this area. They find the knight and Lancelot slays him. He now splits with the lady and travels around the land, when he comes to a brige where a "foul chorle" wouldn't let him pass. When Lancelot has slayn him the townspeople accuse him of that. He walkes into the castle and prepares for battle.

Capitulum xi

Lancelot slays 2 giants and frees 23 women that were held captive for 7 years. They tell him that this castle is the castel of Tyntangyl, in former time owned by the Duke of Tyntangyl, husband of Igrane, Arthurs mother. He leaves the place and again strives around in the country. He comes to a lodging and is wakend by fighting sounds. Sire Kay is attacked by 3 knights. Lancelot defeates and sends them to Arthurs Court to be prisoners of Quene Gwenever. During the night he takes Sire Kays horse and armor and takes off.

Capitulum xii

He comes to a place where 3 knights mistake him for Sire Kay, so they challange him. One of the knights survives and is also sent to Quene Gwenever.

Capitulum xiii

Sire Sagramour, Sire Ector, Sire Gawaxn and Sir Vwayne also mistaken Lancelot for Sire Kay and want to proove Sire Kays mightyness. Lancelot defeats each one of them and leaves without revealing his identity. They however recognize him.

Capitulum xiiij

And yet again Lancelot rides though some forest where he aspies a brachet. It leades him to a dead knight and the knights lady accuses him of slaying him. He justifies himself that he didnt do it. When he rides though the forest again, another lady he meets, tells him what happend. Her husband fought against the dead knight but is injured. Lancelots quest is to find some sacred cloth & swerd inside the "chappel peryllous".