Le Morte Darthur Book 15

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Capitulum i

Capitulum ii

Capitulum iii

Sir Lancelot takes a rest at a cross and he prays to god in order to make him not commit any sins again. Then he falls asleep and starts to dream. In his dream he sees eight kings and two knights kneeling down at the cross and praying to god. Lancelot sees that the gate to heaven opens and god comes along with many angles around him. One soldier prays for forgiveness but god reminds him of his sins and doesn’t forgive him. In the morning Lancelot awakes and rides along the country. He meets the knight that stole his horse, helmet and his sword. After a short fight he gets back his habits and rides into the night where he meets an old man. He asks for help to find the Holy Grail and tells him about the dream. Information about: Dreams and mysteries; Religion and faith;

Capitulum iv

The old man tells Lancelot about the seven kings. Their names were: king Nappus, king Nacien, king Hellias, king Lysais, king Ionas, king Lancelot (Lancelot’s grandfather) and king Ban (Lancelot’s father). The two knights in Lancelot’s dream were he himself and his son Sir Galahad that he got from king Pelleas’ daughter. Lancelot seems to be confused about all this information and after he again prayed to god he goes to sleep and rides away the next day.

Information about: Knighthood and the virtues; Family ties of Lancelot; Religion and faith/ sin;

Capitulum vi

Lancelot rides into a forest and is led to a castle. At this place there is a tournament between the knights of the castle (fighting in black clothes) and their opponents (fighting in white clothes). Sir Lancelot decides to help the weaker party, which is the black. He does some marvelous fights and is praised by the members of the black side. When the battles are over Lancelot rides into the forest to get some rest, but the black knights follow him and tell him to leave, otherwise he will be taken into their prison. That’s why Lancelot rides away and tries to sleep under a tree. At this place he has the vision of an old man reminding him of his broken promise not to sin again. This note makes him ride further until he reaches a chapel. A Lady in it calls for him and wants to know everything about him.

Information about: Religion and faith/ sin; Dreams; visions and mystery;

Capitulum vi

Lancelot tells the Lady about the tournament and the vision and he wants her to explain their meaning to him. The Lady tells him that the tournament was part of the quest of the Holy Grail. In course of this quest Lancelot has turned to the evil side because of the sins he has committed. That’s why she warns him to come back to the good side. After their conversation they eat together and then Lancelot rides away. In the end Lancelot overcomes a dark river through his strong belief. At the other side of the water stands a black knight that kills Lancelot’s horse. Sir Lancelot doesn’t know what to do then, but he thanks god for all his adventures.

Information about: Religion and the fight between good and evil;

Main character

Lancelot in the son of king Ban and grandson of king Lancelot that is married to the daughter of the king of Ireland. He is the father of Sir Galahad and probably married to king Pelle's daughter. His task is to solve the quest of the Holy Grail.

Minor characters: Nappus, a holy man; Nacien; Hellyas the grose; Lysays; Ionas; Clyazar; Argustus;