Le Morte Darthur Book 4

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Capitulum i

Merlin falls in love with a woman and he wants to be with her for all the time. When she leaves Arthur’s court Merlin follows her, but before he goes away he talks to Arthur. In this conversation he warns Arthur to keep an eye on his sword Excalibur and the scabbard, because these things should be stolen soon. After Merlin and the woman have travelled around, Merlin asks her to marry him. The woman refuses to marry Merlin, because she thinks he is a son of the devil. In the end of this chapter the woman plays a trick on Merlin. From that time on Merlin is confined under some stones and he isn’t able to acquit himself of these stones.

Capitulum ii

Five kings (the king of Denmark, the king of Ireland, the king of Soleise, the king of the isle of Longtainse and the king of Vale) attack Arthur’s realm. Their plan is to kill Arthur and his fellows. That’s why Arthur wants to fight against them. But he can’t prepare the battle in time, so he, Gwenever and only some of his knights and soldiers are leaving Camelot. They hide in a forest and wait for the troops of their friends. But one knight (the brother of one king out of the five kings) betrays them and tells his brother about Arthur’s plans and the hiding place.

Capitulum iii

Arthur realises that he has been betrayed when a knight tells him about the great damage they’ve suffered. The knight gives Arthur the advice to leave the battle with Gwenever, Sir Kay, Sir Griflet and Sir Gawain in order to save them. So they ride away, but their escape is detected by the five kings that follow them until they all arrive at a great stream. At this place Arthur, Sir Gawain, Sir Kay and Sir Griflet attack the five kings successfully. Having killed the five kings they return to the battle and defeat the rest of the enemies’ soldiers. In the end the victors thank god for his helping hand in this battle.

Capitulum iv

The fourth chapter is about the nomination of eight new knights that replace the fallen knights of the battle. Back in Camelot king Pellinore helps Arthur to make the decision. The new knights are divided into four old and four young knights. The old ones are: King Uriens (Morgan le fay’s husband), the king of the lake, Sir Hervise and Sir Galagars. The young ones are: Sir Gawain, Sir Griflet and Sir Kay. Still one is missing.

Capitulum v

The last knight shall be chosen between Sir Bagdemagus and Sir Tore (king Pellinore’s son). Arthur chooses Sir Tore, that’s why Sir Bagdemagus leaves Camelot in order to find his own adventures. On his way he finds Merlin being captured under some stones, but he can’t help him and rides away.

Capitulum vi

King Arthur and the knights of Camelot go out on a great hunting. Entering a forest king Arthur, king Uriens and Sir Accolon loose their fellows. The three men arrive at a lake where they find a ship owned by some damoisels. They enter the ship and eat and drink together with the women. Each man is led into a secret chamber where they fall asleep, not becoming aware of the fact that they have been numbed. In their numbness they are brought to different places: Uriens is led to Morgan le fay in Camelot. Arthur is brought to a prison in which 20 other knights live.

Capitulum vii

Capitulum viii

Capitulum ix

Capitulum x

During the fight with Accolon Arthur's sword gets broken. In order to save his life Nyneve puts a spell on his opponent and the king is finally able to vulnerate him deadly. In the following Accolon's identity and Morgan's betrayel is revealed by the knight's statement in return to Arthur's demand for clarification of the incident.

Capitulum xi

In the following chapter Accolon confesses to Arthur that he has made "an arrangment" with Morgan who longs for Arthur's death. Being aghast at the conspiracy Arthur discloses his identity. He abandons the option to take revenge on Accolon for he lays the blame on his sister's perfidiousness.

Capitulum xii

Before Arthur and Accolon leave for wound treatment the king appoints Outgelake to the throne and stipulates Dama's execution and the release of the imprisoned knights. Accolon dies after having spent four days at the Abbey and his corpse is delivered to Morgan as "a present" offered by her brother.

Capitulum xiii

Taking the success of her treacherous plans for granted Morgan decides to kill her husband but her son, Uwayne, whom she informed about her animus is able to prevent her from doing so and forces her to renounce deceitfulness.

Capitulum xiiij

Morgan is persecuted by Ontgelake and Arthur because she has stolen Arthur's scaubard while he was resting at the Abbey. In order not to be detained she turns herself and her attendants into stones after having thrown the scaubard into the depths of a nearby lake. Arthur returns to the Abbey empty-handed.

Capitulum xv

Morgan saves Accolon's cousin, the knight Manassen, from being drowned by the furious husband of his paramour. Before leaving for Gorre in order to prepare herself for offense Morgan sends a calamitous message to Arthur ("And lete hym wete I can doo more whan I see my time"). Meanwhile, Arthur returns to Camelot and charges Morgan with treachery. After having heard Manassen's message Arthur receives a "gift", a precious mantel, from a damoisel serving Morgan.

Capitulum xvi

Nyneve gives Arthur warning of putting the mantel on his "back" and saves his life: The damoisel is burned to death after the king called upon her to wear the garment on her shoulders. As Arthur suspects Morgan's son to be involved into the thwarted regicide Uwanye gets discharged and leaves the court with Gawayne. In the forest Gawayne observes the damoysels of the Turret (12) complaining about Sir Marhaus.