Le Morte Darthur Book 19

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1 In may Queen Guenever invites ten knights of the Round Table to go out riding (maying) near Westminster. They have to be dressed in green and each will have a Lady to ride with them. These were the knights; Sir Kay le Seneschal, Sir Sagramore le Desirous, Sir Dodinas le Savage, Sir Ozanna le Cure Hardy, Sir Ladinas of the Forest Savage, Sir Persant of Inde, Sir Ironside the Knight of the Red Launds and Sir Pelleas the Lover. The knights dress themselves to the occasion and they set of early as Queen Guenever wants to Arthur at ten. Sir Meliagrance, a son of King Bagdemagus, lives in a castle which was given to him by Arthur which is also seven miles from Westminster. He has been in love with Guenever for a long time and has wanted to steal her away but was always afraid of Lancelot. The Queen usually rides with several knights that protect her. Knights with white shields, called the Queen’s Knights. These were some of the most noblest men. But this time the Queen does not have her knights nor Lancelot with her and so Meliagrance lies in wait to steal her.